Translation of possible in Spanish:


posible, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈpɒsɪb(ə)l//ˈpɑsəb(ə)l/


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    the text must be checked for any possible mistakes hay que revisar el texto por si hubiera algún error
    • in the best possible taste con el mejor de los gustos
    • is Tuesday possible for you? ¿le viene bien / le es posible el martes?
    • the show was made possible by their dedication el espectáculo fue posible gracias a su dedicación
    • good morning, is it possible to speak to Heather Smith? buenos días ¿podría hablar con Heather Smith?
    • is it possible she's already left? ¿se habrá ido ya?
    • it's just possible that he may have survived existe una remota posibilidad de que haya sobrevivido
    • get here by eight if possible llega antes de las ocho, si es posible / si puedes
    • as far as possible try to work on your own en lo posible intenta trabajar sola
    • they see each other as little as possible se ven lo menos posible
    • as soon as possible lo antes posible
    • we'll leave as early as possible saldremos lo más pronto posible
    • we'll help them in every way possible los ayudaremos en todo lo (que sea) posible
    • in the nicest way possible de la mejor manera posible
    • They appealed to the lawmakers to pass the bill as soon as possible for the sake of patients' human rights.
    • If possible buy from a specialist shop and discuss safety features.
    • In this great nation it is always possible for a child to go as far as their talent and vision can take them.
    • Alternative strategies are possible for every business and help is available from many different sources.
    • Of course, it's always possible for other people to even the balance.
    • I would wish, if possible, to be able to get to Canberra by lunch time on Monday.
    • Access as soon as possible for NGOs and aid is particularly important.
    • Because it is not practically possible for the party to induct two ministers from a single family.
    • Many people made it possible for us to achieve a great deal of work in a short period of time.
    • So as to protect sources, it is not possible for me to be specific as to what material has been sourced in Australia.
    • But within that it is possible for certain responsibilities to be delegated.
    • She could come home to herself in a way that had not been possible for her in yoga practice.
    • Then how is it possible for any manager to extend a loan to someone with no property of their own?
    • We must concentrate on our horse units, and have them all up to speed within a week if possible.
    • Is it not possible for us to achieve the same mission by establishing consulates in some of the places?
    • ‘It is possible for a guy not to be fit on Wednesday but be fit for the weekend,’ he said.
    • The practice direction requires all applications to be made as soon as possible and before allocation if possible.
    • However, it was not possible for the smaller countries of the region to achieve self sufficiency.
    • But we have to take this up as soon as possible for reasons I will explain when I hear from you.
    • Moreover, it is possible for people not only to be disappointed in this area, but seriously harmed.


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    posible candidato masculine
    posible candidata feminine
    • Their striker, who had a knee operation during the summer, missed the probables versus possibles contest at Maine Road last weekend.
    • Breathing down the necks of the two frontrunners are a pack of possibles.
    • The draw isn't being made until next Sunday anyway, so it is pointless talking about the possibles until we see who we get.
    • ‘All the sprint races at York, Haydock and the Breeders Cup are possibles,’ he said.
    • Other Malibu possibles include Unbridled Time.
    • I guess that eliminates some of the possibles from the list of unnamed ‘foreign leader’ voices that he's been hearing.
    • The other players who were not in the initial tour squad because of injury problems are still possibles for the trip to Australia.
    • A veteran himself at 35 he could prove to be a valuable addition to the club and a possible for the first team squad.
    • The general manager said their coach intended calling up all the possibles for the critical Ghana game - including the walking wounded, whose fitness will be assessed on the spot.
    • Most of the other players on show would be unwilling to move to Stockport, especially given their wage demands, but a couple of young Leicester players are perhaps possibles.
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    (what can be done)
    the possible lo posible