Translation of Post-it in Spanish:


nota autoadhesiva, n.

(Post-it note)

Pronunciation ///ˈpoʊstɪt/



  • 1

    nota autoadhesiva feminine
    nota de quita y pon feminine
    nota post-it feminine trademark
    post-it masculine trademark
    • Regular old Post-its and Bic pens were standouts.
    • It is managed chaos: a dozen or so very smart people examining data, throwing out ideas, writing potential solutions on big Post-its that are ripped off and attached to the wall.
    • I had of course picked up the wrong Post-it and rung the wrong number.
    • Although in some ways it's as crude as a Post-it note, instant messaging is potentially one of the most beneficial - or disruptive - workplace applications since e-mail.
    • Judy tags recipes she likes with tiny Post-its that say, ‘Make it for me.’
    • There might be a Post-it attached with a handwritten note of advice from a predecessor.
    • ‘I was walking around with Post-its and little pieces of paper in my purse, so I put them in a book’ she says.
    • Plaster your desktop, toolbars, and documents with virtual Post-its.
    • ‘I have reminders on my phone and I have a little Post-it note on the door when I head out in the morning,’ she said.
    • It's a rebellion against the pistons of commerce, Post-its, the ringing of phones, the running for taxis, the appointments, the Botox injections and the insatiable maw of progress.
    • I stuck Post-it notes on his bathroom mirror saying, ‘You have 100 days to get in shape!’
    • Our VCR was set up with the show tape in it, and a little Post-it note saying, ‘Happy Birthday, push Start.’
    • Tear out a favorite comic strip from the paper or stick a Post-it note with a funny saying to your computer or refrigerator.
    • The film feels less like a chronicle than like a loose shuffle of moments and ideas, like the cryptic Post-it messages that paper the walls of the hero's apartment.
    • He does not make to-do lists or scrawl reminders to himself on Post-its.
    • When she goes inside to try and work the stove, she sees that Katrine has left little Post-its all over the house.
    • With the camera, you can leave video messages for other family members on the door instead of Post-its, or engage in a Webcam chat session.
    • Inside was a deck of cards with a sticky, yellow, Post-it note stuck to it.
    • Up went Post-its on my bathroom mirror, front door, my car's dashboard: ‘Slow down.’
    • It transpired blood test results attached on a Post-it to a referral letter had not been seen.