Translation of postage in Spanish:


franqueo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpoʊstɪdʒ//ˈpəʊstɪdʒ/


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    franqueo masculine
    postage and handling gastos de envío masculine
    • postage and packing gastos de envío
    • postage and packing free franco de porte
    • excess postage / (British also) postage due franqueo insuficiente
    • The price (credit cards not accepted) includes postage and packing.
    • Unsolicited manuscripts or photographs should be accompanied by return postage.
    • Add $6.50 postage for one book, $1 extra for both books.
    • Return postage was prepaid and responses were anonymous.
    • Return address labels, pre-paid postage and integrated tracking are becoming more commonly provided by shippers.
    • It cost me $10 for the chocolate, packing and first-class postage.
    • I know the price includes postage, but normal airmail to and from the US usually takes anywhere between one and three weeks.
    • A very grateful John handed over his address and £5 to cover the postage.
    • Internet providers customarily charge a flat rate for a server that can be used to send email, and there's no postage required on email.
    • If you bought over the phone, internet or by mail order, this refund must include the cost of postage.
    • He got his postage refunded only after sending numerous letters and e-mails.
    • Each stamp costs about double the price of generic first-class postage.
    • It can also be obtained from the same address for £6.98, including postage and packing.
    • Have you included adequate return postage & packaging if you wish your entries to be returned?
    • Add £1 for postage for each book ordered.
    • CDs cost £7.00 each and the price includes postage and packaging.
    • While overseas, soldiers usually get free postage for letters back to the states.
    • If ordering by mail, add €5.50 postage for the first book.
    • Read and understand the terms and conditions - is postage included and do you need extra insurance?