Translation of postage stamp in Spanish:

postage stamp

sello (de correos), n.



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    sello (de correos) masculine
    estampilla feminine Latin America
    timbre masculine Mexico
    a garden the size of a postage stamp un jardín como un pañuelito
    • Her name and likeness adorned a five-cent postage stamp issued March 10 of that year.
    • At this point, I am so sick of looking at it, I would publish it on a postage stamp if I could list that on my CV and reference it in my next paper.
    • The drawings are so dense with graphite and so sharply outlined against a larger white sheet that they appear to adhere to it like a postage stamp.
    • You'll save a postage stamp and also reduce your chances of overlooking this federal requirement.
    • Taking the quiz online will also save you the cost of a postage stamp.
    • Britain's first adhesive postage stamp, the Penny Black, had been launched just seven months earlier.
    • In addition, a Warhol postage stamp will be issued next year.
    • About 70,000 objects about the size of a postage stamp have been detected between 850-1,000 km above the Earth.
    • But the thing that really annoys me is that people expect you to pay for all this period charm and bathrooms the size of a postage stamp.
    • A microprocessor, as small as a postage stamp, performs thousands of calculations per second based on readings from the sensor.
    • Ever since the first postage stamp, the Penny Black, was released, philately has enthralled both the young and the old.
    • Armadillo aficionados might be interested to know that Cambodia has issued a postage stamp to celebrate a prehistoric armadillo.
    • In 1982, a Bob Marley commemorative postage stamp was issued in Jamaica.
    • She has even had her face depicted on a Ugandan postage stamp!
    • The government has given the go ahead for the concept and draft design for a postage stamp pending further consultations with stakeholders.
    • The Houdini postage stamp is now on sale, as I announced last week.
    • Release all your hatred, all for the price of a postage stamp!
    • Kelly first received official approval in 1980 when a postage stamp was issued to mark the centenary of his death.
    • There will be a lucky dip, incorporating the elusive Penny Black, the world's first adhesive postage stamp.
    • The breed was also honored on a postage stamp issued by Turkey in 1978.