Translation of postcard in Spanish:


tarjeta postal, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpəʊs(t)kɑːd//ˈpoʊs(t)kɑrd/


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    tarjeta postal feminine
    postal feminine
    • His pictures have featured on a set of postcards and greetings cards sold in aid of the Asperger Society.
    • This is where you begin asking all the Thai people you know if they have any old photographs or postcards.
    • They rallied behind the cause of sending e-cards and called for people not to use postcards.
    • Then we stop at Santa's post office where we get special stamps for our postcards.
    • The writer has now devised a set of postcards picturing the landmarks, which will be distributed with his books.
    • Some of the messages written on the back of the tulip postcards are so sweet and encouraging.
    • Postcards can depict places where your family once lived and the messages written on postcards can add to your knowledge.
    • Not more than an hour ago I went down to the Post Office and sent out postcards to all those that have asked for one.
    • She sends messages from my parents, who are waiting for postcards and letters they can hold in their hands.
    • As Jane said this week, a blog is ‘a cross between a postcard and a message in a bottle’.
    • The opposite pages housed postcards and pictures, decorated with her cute and colourful doodles.
    • It was a photograph that was on the back of a postcard, and on the postcard there was a note to my father.
    • Please send all stamps, postcards and picture phone cards to the address below.
    • Ian pointed to this great project that invites people to post little secrets via postcards.
    • That will worsen a trend which has seen the number of postcards posted in Britain drop by one million a year for the last five years.
    • Handmade greetings cards and postcards, made by a Whixley resident, will also be on sale.
    • Sending normal e-mail is like sending a postcard through the mail - anyone can read it.
    • It contained postcards with pictures of soldiers in gas-masks waving flags and at mass rallies.
    • This is bound to catch on, whether for sending back holiday postcards or sharing new pictures of a baby.
    • They kept in touch most weeks with text messages, phone calls and postcards of places she thought her father might want to paint.