Translation of postcode lottery in Spanish:

postcode lottery



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    situación en la cual la clase de tratamiento médico que se recibe depende del lugar donde se vive
    • We want local control yet no postcode lottery.
    • Once a beneficial test has been licensed the challenge is to avoid a postcode lottery in its use.
    • They called on the Government to make the care of allergy sufferers a full part of the NHS, rather than a postcode lottery.
    • Patients will always face a postcode lottery for NHS treatment, a Bolton MP claimed.
    • Stronger local accountability can be a powerful antidote to the postcode lottery.
    • There will also be a drive to eliminate the postcode lottery across the country on the cancer fighting drugs approved by Nice.
    • The postcode lottery through which people in different council areas pay widely varying costs for their social service support is to be ended.
    • Critics say the changes won't make all that much difference to what is a grossly unjust postcode lottery.
    • This has led to a postcode lottery over how long couples must wait.
    • Teenage mums say Swindon fares well in the postcode lottery that dictates whether girls who fall pregnant receive a decent education.
    • Bereaved parents in Yorkshire face a postcode lottery in standards of investigations into the tragic deaths of their children, experts admitted yesterday.
    • New figures reveal a postcode lottery is governing police responses to 999 calls with Sutton emerging below the London average.
    • The announcement is the latest part of a government drive to end postcode lotteries of care across the NHS.
    • The postcode lottery of eligibility criteria needs seriously to be examined.
    • It means there will be a postcode lottery in the prescribing of Herceptin for early-stage breast cancer.
    • Couples desperate for children are facing a postcode lottery for fertility treatment in Yorkshire despite new rules about free NHS treatment for all.
    • The parking needs of people with disabilities must not be decided by what is effectively a postcode lottery.
    • Then you play the postcode lottery for treatment.
    • Cancer patients in the region are facing a huge postcode lottery for life-saving treatment, the Yorkshire Post can reveal today.
    • The postcode lottery is particularly pronounced in the health service.