Translation of postcoital in Spanish:


(de) después del coito, adj.

Pronunciation /pəʊstˈkɔɪtl//ˌpoʊstˈkoʊədl/


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    (de) después del coito
    • It has a vaguely post-coital ring to it - one almost feels one should be lighting a cigarette for her.
    • Services include prophylactic treatment for sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy testing and post-coital contraceptive service, and referral for STI screening.
    • A recent survey of black and Latina women in the U.S. found only 8 percent had some knowledge of post-coital contraception.
    • In the course of the journey, she reflects on her first sexual relationship, in which she apparently gleaned more emotional security from post-coital cigarettes than from her lover.
    • Related developments are the ‘morning after’ pill, a post-coital contraceptive, and the so-far unfulfilled hope of a ‘male pill’.
    • The Three Ages of Man, with its blatantly phallic flute and sexually sated putti, is a post-coital reflection on mortality.
    • It's shorthand for creativity/idleness, relaxation/nervousness, seduction / post-coital bliss, and a host of other contradictory cinematic moods.
    • That same exhilaration rolls like a cooling fog into the sun outside the studio as the audience - with lazy, satisfied, post-coital smiles on their lips - drifts out into the streets.
    • Keep your cigarettes for post-coital conversations.
    • My own practice picked up the pieces after a patient was given inaccurate information about post-coital contraceptives.
    • There we were, viewing Miller's speech through a post-coital haze, when I said it: ‘OK, I have a deal for you.’
    • Although I have to say that post-coital head-stands don't really engender the closeness that one usually likes to experience after a ride on the carnal carousel.
    • Police caught them in flagrante, or maybe in grass-stained, post-coital repose.
    • The generally accepted medical practice in the use of the coil as a post-coital contraceptive device is that it may properly be introduced at any time up to the 20th day.
    • Carol's comment struck Jack as oddly insightful, but all he said aloud was: ‘This is one of the weirder post-coital talks I've had.’
    • Did he have a post-coital heart attack - the authors note no one ever said he was in bed alone - that led to the head bumping?
    • His post-coital fun was motivated by a deep-seated fear that his lovers might one day leave him.
    • It should be called emergency contraceptive pills or post-coital contraception and refers to a special use of birth control pills in high dose.
    • But do they mean it or is it just post-coital reassurance?
    • Interestingly, tamoxifen was originally invented in the UK as a post-coital contraceptive.