Translation of postmodern in Spanish:


posmoderno, adj.

Pronunciation /pəʊstˈmɒdn//ˌpoʊs(t)ˈmɑdərn/


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    • Similarly, the contemporary detective novels of interest to us here are postmodern without being postmodernist.
    • They build on and support changes that have been developing in critical theory during the postmodern era.
    • The postmodern and postmodernism can be linked.
    • Bess has little patience with postmodern, deconstructionist architects and thinkers.
    • This helps explain why art history leapfrogged over New Criticism to postmodern doubt.
    • He launches a vicious attack in several parts of this book on postmodern literary criticism and feminist theory.
    • More specifically, it is closer to the postmodern procedural model of deconstruction.
    • Reader-directed irony, that by now classical stylistic device of postmodern literature, pervades the ancient play.
    • Fiction writers were influenced by the postmodern fabulism and metafiction of North and South America.
    • This voice has been facilitated recently by postmodern movement in literary theory and practice.
    • However, his insights demand a stronger rootedness in postmodern theories of identity and self-reflexive fiction.
    • Perhaps we have simply transvalued impersonality as elusiveness, irony and parodic cultural quotation, qualities especially attractive in the wake of postmodern theory.
    • All this postmodern self-referential ironic navel-gazing is getting a bit bizarre.
    • I listened recently to a cultural studies academic complain that postmodern theory is not taught to first-year creative writing students.
    • Can it be said that a reconstituted version of ‘landscape’ represents a postmodern artistic genre?
    • He responds to mass media images and topical subjects without the irony that characterizes much postmodern mainstream art.
    • Self-referential and postmodern, or just weird?
    • The result has been a number of works of art in the distinctively postmodern genre of historiographical metafiction.
    • This is not, we hasten to say, because the film is deliberately cold and self-referential in a postmodern fashion.
    • I, in other words, explain how the holistic and ecological world view can meet postmodern feminist critical theory.