Translation of postnatal in Spanish:


postnatal, adj.

Pronunciation /pəʊstˈneɪtl//poʊstˈneɪdl/


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    (checkup/care) postnatal
    (checkup/care) de posparto
    • With its profusion of midwives and naturalistic post-natal care, it is one of the few representations we have in western art that touches on the actual process of childbirth.
    • It will deal with pregnancy, post-natal and baby, massage and yoga as well as reflexology and life coaching.
    • What, then, has happened to our pre-natal, post-natal, nutritional support, health care and education programmes for the girl child?
    • The procedure surrounding pre-natal and post-natal care was similarly haphazard.
    • Currently, there is still no inpatient post-natal care on site, so mums are discharged home a few hours after giving birth.
    • The mother, who could be suffering from post-natal syndrome, has also been advised to seek medical help.
    • Human growth during the embryonic, fetal, and post-natal periods provides a good model for mammalian growth.
    • Women's vulnerability has been exacerbated by unequal access to basic resources, especially prenatal and post-natal healthcare services.
    • This work attempts to consider and observe the continuum of personality between fetal and post-natal life.
    • Another area of high concern was the lack of post-natal care, especially for first-time mothers and lack of support for home births, particularly in rural areas.
    • Her background includes teaching, psychology, health promotion and research on ante and post-natal care and education.
    • There is very little practical information about giving birth (just do what the doctor tells you) and even less about the immediate post-natal care (just ask your mother and grandmother).
    • For these purposes, post-natal care means personal medical services for both the mother and baby during the fourteen days following the birth.
    • There is another important help, which is having access to free or practically free coverage of all costs related to pregnancy, prenatal follow-up, delivery, post-natal care for the babies.
    • Deafness is associated with many hereditary and non-hereditary diseases and may also result from pre or post-natal exposure to a variety of toxins and traumas.
    • The aim is to access women with substance use problems and encourage them to pursue regular ante- and post-natal care.
    • The number of women attending post-natal care had fallen from 95.6 percent in 2002 to 82.4 percent.
    • The clinic offers counselling, electrocardiogram and stress tests, pap smear, antenatal and post-natal care and vaccination and immunisation for infants and adults.
    • She was especially fortunate, she said, to have the same midwife not only for her antenatal and post-natal examinations and check-ups but also for the birth.
    • Both pre- and early post-natal exposures have been associated with cognitive deficits, distractibility, and difficult behaviors.