Translation of posy in Spanish:


ramillete, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpoʊzi//ˈpəʊzi/


  • 1

    ramillete masculine
    • They carried tied posies of flowers similar to the bride's.
    • The children presented the Queen with a posy of white flowers.
    • As the youngest member of the school, and celebrating her birthday that day, five-year-old Rosie presented the Duchess with a posy of flowers on her arrival.
    • This Saturday some of the ladies of the village, dressed in traditional clothes, offered aryian (yoghurt drink), rakia, banitsa and posies of flowers.
    • The competition for the AGM will be for a posy of flowers.
    • All florists' shops at this time of year have a special stock of special Valentine cards, which can be the basis of a posy or bouquet.
    • The couple's daughter Millie, three, was chosen to present the Princess Royal with a posy of flowers.
    • The display includes waistcoats, bodices, skirts, part of an eighteenth century dress made of beautiful blue silk with posies of flowers woven into it.
    • Some would bring a posy of field flowers, gathered along the way and the very lucky ones a cake baked in their mistress's oven.
    • Both children received a special cup, as well as a posy of flowers for the princess and a buttonhole for the prince.
    • He produced the posy of flowers from behind his back.
    • A posy of flowers may be hard to manage now, but there is a mass of evergreen foliage that can easily be fashioned into Christmas wreaths.
    • Florals were large cabbage roses, smatterings of abstract blooms in unusual colour combinations and smaller posies or bunches.
    • Witness tourists wandering around picking posies of rare flowers to take home for their mums.
    • To complete the desired effect of Edmund's cuteness, the photographer has put a posy of flowers into his hand, then perched him on a tall rattan chair from which his short legs dangle.
    • Arrange a quick posy of flowers in an ice cream container for a true taste of summer.
    • She was sitting in the middle of her bare, empty room, tying a dozen or so tiny flowers into a posy with ribbon.
    • Put posies of fresh flowers all around the house, not just in the obvious places - a single rose in a small bud vase works wonders in a small loo.
    • Shortly after 10.30 am a woman neighbour asked the policeman standing guard at the scene to put a posy of flowers on the pathway of the dead man's home.
    • A posy of purple flowers picked from the battlefield on which the charge of the Light Brigade took place is to go on display to the public.