There are 2 main translations of pot in Spanish

: pot1pot2


olla, n.

Pronunciation: /pɑt//pɒt/


  • 1

    • 1.1(for cooking)

      olla feminine
      pots and pans trastes
      • it's a case of the pot calling the kettle black dijo la sartén al cazo: retírate que me tiznas
      • to go to pot echarse a perder
      • to keep the pot boiling mantener el ambiente caldeado
      • a watched pot never boils el que espera, desespera
      • She could understand why they would need cooking pots and pans, rope, blankets, even the sword he had taken with him.
      • Kitchen utensils include pots, bowls, cooking ladles, and spoons made of coconut shells.
      • The remaining challenge was to scale up the process from samples the size of postage stamps to cylinders as big as cooking pots.
      • Transfer to a cooking pot with five litres of cold water.
      • These paste attributes suggest the multipurpose nature of these vessel forms, used as cooking pots and containers.
      • Some make it into their cooking pots, while others are sold for a tidy profit ranging from B20,000 and up.
      • She placed a cooking pot in the sink, filling it with warm water before setting it on the burning, turning the knob to high.
      • When there was enough room for both of them to stand outside, Maggie fired up the two-burner stove and started melting snow in both cooking pots.
      • It had fired jugs, pans, cooking pots and roofing tiles in the 14th century, and similar wares have been found on excavations locally and in adjacent counties.
      • Have you always thought that cooking with aluminum pots and pans can cause Alzheimer's disease?
      • Without running water, women wash their cooking pots in the street.
      • The sequences for lamps, fine wares, amphoras, cooking pots, and plain wares can be clearly established at Corinth.
      • Questions, questions all around bubbling in her head like hot water in a cooking pot.
      • Stirring it around for a while, she then dished it up into a big bowl, put water into both her cooking pots, and took her dinner out onto the roof, where she ate among the stars.
      • Fabric softener sheets are claimed to clean baked on foods from cooking pots and pans.
      • He stood up decisively, and took on of their cooking pots, and collected some rain water.
      • They have only necessities, such as two or three cooking pots, a few plates, wooden spoons, and very few articles of clothing.
      • In Bahia, the African tradition of cooking in ceramic pots is followed.
      • Pliny the Younger gives us the romantic tale that Phoenician merchants first noticed that glass was formed under their cooking pots on the beach.
      • In ordinary kitchens of all periods, cooking pots were made of unglazed Nile clay, sometimes with a burnished slip coating.

    • 1.2(for jam, honey etc)

      tarro masculine
      bote masculine Spain
      • They cooked on board their boats in a small bastible pot set inside a larger one, which held the fire.
      • The soup arrived, bubbling away in a huge clay pot thing.
      • At the Kittling Ridge Estate there are guided tours of the winery and distillery, with its vast fermentation cellars, copper pots and oak barrels.
      • Protect recipes from kitchen mess by placing them under a clean, glass pot lid.
      • A little bin serving as a mailbox sat next to the newly painted black door and on the opposite side was a terra cotta pot filled with red tulips and a crate containing firewood.
      • After the salads comes a selection of different breads, then three large clay pot tureens of soup.
      • An old china pot or bowl bought in a junk shop and filled with potpourri can prove a hit.
      • Mr Ogogo also demonstrated traditional coil pot design, sculptural techniques and how to design and make traditional jewellery.
      • She started the coffee maker for the whole 12-cup pot, she would end up drinking that and more.
      • Normally his desk is clear save for the following: pencil pot full of writing instruments, my Manila-colored file, and a pad of paper.
      • Her house is a small thatched cubby-hole with an empty grain storage pot.
      • The magistrate concluded that the primary purpose of the plastic pot is for the growing of the plant.
      • In a large saucepan, heat oil (enough to fill fondue pot two-thirds full) over medium heat.

    • 1.3

      (for tea) tetera feminine
      (for coffee) cafetera feminine
      a pot of tea for two té para dos

    • 1.4(in pottery)

      vasija feminine

    • 1.5(archaic) (drinking vessel)

      jarro masculine
      • The competition for the night is for a pot of the best homemade blackcurrant jam.
      • His house is equipped with various kinds of roasted coffee beans, a coffee grinder, and a coffee machine by which a pot of coffee can be brewed.
      • Along with the higher cost of produce, I find the charges in the cafés extortionate, with a pot of tea for two costing up to £2.50.
      • You not only get a pot of tea, or coffee, but fresh (un-sugared) whipped cream, and a sweet.
      • I used to think that absolutely nothing could provide contentment equal to a pot of coffee and a four-pound Sunday newspaper.
      • There always seems to be a pot of the café's delicious trademark hibiscus, ginger and cinnamon tea steeping on the counter.
      • Yesterday staff, local craftspeople and builders who worked on the new branch toasted its success with a glass of champagne rather than a pot of tea.
      • Fortified by a pot of tea and a toasted teacake at a transport cafe we again found ourselves on the A75.
      • But the fact that a show was intended to be watched while sipping a pot of tea seems no longer to debar it from the status of entertainment to be enjoyed while chomping choc ices.
      • Especially if you accompany it with a pot of Chinese tea - great for the digestion and known to lower cholesterol levels - rather than the usual pint of lager.
      • Having shared a pot of tea for two we were ready to wend our way back to York after paying £10.50 for our snack.
      • In addition for £1.65 I had a Danish pastry with a pot of tea.
      • I could never draw with a steel quill worth a damn, so I kept a pot of ink and a couple of nibs above my mouse.
      • So sit back quietly in that agreeably familiar comfy chair, treat yourself to a pot of weakish tea, and let me put the case for the rise of the dull man.
      • Ann had a pot of tea which was offered with either fresh milk or a sachet.
      • After practically giving up coffee for a couple of months, I had a pot of dark roast Friday.
      • In fact, I won't be seeing it at all, because I have a pot of white emulsion and a wall that needs to be watched as the paint dries.
      • A pot of tea for Ann and sparkling mineral water for me completed our snack at £8.15.
      • Ann couldn't be persuaded to have more than a toasted teacake and a pot of tea which was a ‘special’ at £1.50.
      • Yesterday she was braving a chilly wind for a pot of tea outside Sid's Cafe in the town centre, and wondering why she had left behind the 90 degree heat of Arlington.

  • 2

    • 2.1

      maceta feminine
      tiesto masculine

    • 2.3

      nasa feminine

  • 3

    • 3.1(in card games, in cards)

      pozo masculine
      bote masculine Spain
      to win the pot llevarse el pozo
      • to sweeten the pot subir el pozo
      • we can throw in the air conditioning to sweeten the pot podemos incluir el aire acondicionado para hacer más atractiva la oferta
      • On the hand in question I was on the button with five players already in the pot.
      • The highest bidder places the number of counters bid into the pot.
      • I decided to just call so as to keep as many as possible in the pot.
      • Players having strong hands, who are waiting to raise, don't want you to know this until you're in the pot.
      • Operators would rather rake the pot than charge per hand, because they can take out more money.
      • According to the confused floor man announcing the event, Julian had made a flush and had won the pot.
      • If several people are staying, the pot will return better odds and may be worth a chase.
      • In a showdown, the winner will take the pot consisting of the small antes and the bets.
      • Everyone puts a nickel into the pot and you deal out 5 cards to each player.
      • If either of these players is nearly all in, you'll need a fairly decent hand to raise the pot.
      • You merely need to extract more value from the pot than you put into it.
      • Then, besides winning the pot when I improved, I'd also win a few of the times that I missed!
      • If there is a tie for either high or low, the players involved in the tie split that half of the pot.
      • When you peek at your two hole cards, if they're not both pretty big, it's very unlikely you belong in the pot.
      • At the end of a hand, the dealer retains anything that is left in the pot, and the deal passes to the next player.
      • Players pay the final difference between their total and the winner's total to the pot before the winner collects the final pot.
      • The winner of the pot in the poker stage begins the play by leading a card face up in front of them.
      • If the hand was played to the end, the pot stays in place, and there is no new ante; the players who folded in the previous hand are dealt in again if they wish.
      • And if you happen to catch an ace or a king, that's likely to win the pot too.
      • Second, be as certain as you can that your hand is best and that the pot odds are right.

    • 3.2(kitty)

      fondo común masculine
      bote masculine Spain

  • 4Britishinformal

    (large amount)
    he made pots / a pot of money hizo un montón de plata
  • 5British

    (in snooker)
    billa feminine
  • 6informal

    panza feminine informal
    barriga feminine informal
  • 7

transitive verb

  • 1

    (plant) plantar

    en una maceta

  • 2British

    (in snooker, billiards)
  • 3

    (rabbit/pheasant) cobrar
    (rabbit/pheasant) cazar

There are 2 main translations of pot in Spanish

: pot1pot2


hierba, n.

Pronunciation: /pɑt//pɒt/


  • 1informal

    hierba feminine informal
    maría feminine Spain slang
    mota feminine Mexico informal
    • In Vietnam soldiers took heroin and smoked copious quantities of pot and hash.
    • The legalising campaign also points to the fact that smoking is legal, and that pot is in no way more unhealthy than smoking.
    • As no pot was smoked in public, all charges are summarily dismissed without prejudice.
    • When are we going to catch up with other countries and realise that smoking a bit of pot is not going to turn us all into cocaine addicts.
    • Thirteen years of increased marijuana arrests actually correspond to increased pot smoking by kids.
    • Almost four of every 10 teens aged 18 or 19 reported having smoked pot or hash in the previous year.
    • When I was pregnant he didn't calm down, I hardly saw him as he was always out with his friends smoking pot.
    • A night smoking pot will cost you far less than a night on the beer.
    • Mother says that just because they smoke pot doesn't mean that they're stoners.
    • This was a big problem, I was smoking pot before work, at work and at night.
    • You really can't have an intelligent discussion about drugs if you're going to lump pot in with cocaine, and ecstasy in with heroin.
    • He asked me if I took any drugs and I honestly answered that I smoked a fair bit of pot and also smoked cigarettes.
    • Banning parties and blockading raves will not stop a movement, nor will it stop the use of ecstasy, cocaine, speed, heroin and pot for that matter.
    • So if it's legal to go out, drink 23 pints and get into a state and a half, why not be allowed to smoke pot?
    • The model here is the Dutch program of allowing users to smoke pot in licensed cannabis shops.
    • Comparing pot to heroin or to LSD or to pretty much any drug is like comparing an apple to a cloud.
    • I also know that at least five of my fellow officers smoke pot and arrest people the next day for supplying it.
    • In an atmosphere of ecstasy, pot smoking and cocaine line drug taking the evening gets out of hand.
    • I mean its one thing to smoke cigarettes and whole other thing to smoke pot, or use crack or LSD.
    • Forty-five per cent of Canadians have smoked pot at least once and males are more likely to toke up than females.
    • The tournament favourite raised a finger to a pocket after missing a difficult pot during his 10-6 success.
    • The 24-year-old picks up a cue straight off the rack and proceeds to dazzle me with an array of fantastic pots and superb ball control.
    • Both players looked nervous in the 16th, missing straightforward pots before White eventually took the initiative and the frame.
    • Attempting to position the cue ball for a pot on the black to a centre pocket, he experienced an unusually excessive bounce off the top cushion which took the white way past its intended spot.
    • He fought back to take a nervous 14th frame with both players missing straightforward pots as the tension mounted.
    • As I explained to Shawn, I feel a great amount of back fat, and the lower-slung jeans that I wear make the pot that is my belly especially obvious to me.
    • It's also a very good pattern for anyone who has a bit of a pot, because the crossgrain hangs down straight, and totally diminishes a pot.