Translation of pot roast in Spanish:

pot roast

estofado, n.

Pronunciation ///ˈpɑt ˌroʊst/


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    estofado masculine
    carne a la cacerola feminine Latin America
    • Mom had cooked a pot roast for dinner, but Jared and I were so tired that our heads were practically hitting the table.
    • The range of recipes for cooking it includes a pot roast, barbecued beaver, baked, fried, stewed, fricasséed, or in a meat loaf or pie.
    • My old lady's just taking the pot roast out of the oven.
    • He twitched a little, smiled then looked at the pot roast.
    • As for the lamb, think melting meat, falling off the bone, with the rich, dark juices you get from a pot roast.
    • As if I asked her if she knew the color of the sky or how to cook a pot roast.
    • Nothing fancy this, just a sound pot roast pigeon recipe with classic flavourings and a thick, old-fashioned gravy.
    • How long does it take to cook really good pot roast - and why?
    • The texture of a well cooked pot roast is often described as ‘fork-tender’.
    • Haven't any of these girls even helped prepare a pot roast before?
    • I think I had a pot roast cooking on low this morning.
    • We forgot about the people who ate beef and didn't want to spend six hours making a pot roast.
    • Then to find out just how rugged it really was I tried slicing up a pot roast that was tougher than saddle leather and twice as stiff.
    • That's nothing compared to the time she burned down the kitchen trying to cook a pot roast.
    • It is not enough to pass on the good china; you must also pass on the family recipe for making the pot roast.
    • It will become the latest place for fashionable New Yorkers, who will push the pot roast around their plates while nibbling salads.
    • For a certain kind of eater, nothing less than a pot roast will do.
    • You come home just as she's pulling a burnt pot roast from the oven.
    • The political discussion appeared to have ended at last, and everyone had turned their attention back to the pot roast on their plates.
    • ‘This is good,’ Andy said suddenly taking another big bite of the pot roast Jamie cooked.
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    (cut of meat)
    carne para estofar feminine

transitive verb

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