Translation of pothead in Spanish:


fumador de marihuana, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpɒthɛd//ˈpɑtˌhɛd/



  • 1

    fumador de marihuana masculine
    fumadora de marihuana feminine
    fumata masculine Spain slang
    metelón masculine Venezuela Colombia informal
    metelona feminine Venezuela Colombia informal
    • They have to deal with violent deranged crack heads, not peaceful potheads?
    • You may wonder how a cartoon strip about three potheads could survive the 1960s, let alone the 80s.
    • All the guys at my school are either potheads or nerds.
    • She didn't want to turn into the potheads her parents were.
    • Was it an implication that I am a pothead, or a coke addict?
    • I was a second-stringer who didn't talk to anyone but potheads.
    • ‘Wow Grant,’ she replied, ‘You look like the same pothead I've known for years.’
    • But then potheads in Amsterdam start a protest that spreads throughout Europe, extinguishing exports.
    • From a high school lifetime spent in the drama department with all the potheads and future homosexuals, I learned a thing or ten about musicals.
    • I know people I'd call potheads, but nobody that smokes that much, that often.
    • Maybe I could head back to school and pay one of the potheads a hundred bucks to do a quick job.
    • 70% of potheads claim not to have gone on to class A substance, which is a fairly believable stat.
    • They played football and soccer during the school season, but they were also potheads that skateboarded and got into trouble regularly.
    • This is, therefore, not a greenlight to all you potheads to head for the border; as police will continue to bust those who cultivate or deal the drug illegally.
    • Scared you might actually bond with some of these potheads?
    • I might not be as stable as all the rest of you potheads, but I don't need a baby-sitter.
    • Look at his friends, druggies and potheads galore.
    • Most people who grew up in the Sixties weren't longhaired potheads… they were buttoned-down squares who liked cars and girls, and the Beach Boys were their poster boys.
    • If potheads are entitled to their drug of choice, why not those who prefer a line of Charlie?
    • People think that we're all major potheads but the fact of the matter is I'm way more into alcohol, Vicadan, morphine and codeine.