Translation of potting shed in Spanish:

potting shed

cobertizo, n.



  • 1

    cobertizo masculine
    (para hacer trabajos de jardinería) galpón masculine River Plate
    • The gardens surrounding the house are laid out on a number of different levels and include a potting shed and a range of unusual plants and shrubs including sea kale.
    • Children showed him around the garden, including its potting shed, mini-pond and bird table and showed him pictures of recent frog spawn.
    • You're more likely to find this spider down the end of your bed than in the potting shed.
    • When my stepmother first saw it she described it as a series of potting sheds.
    • No longer is it possible to be a weekend gardener, pottering around the potting shed.
    • Last year, I saw Dierks' brews as they came to life in his potting shed.
    • A greenhouse and potting shed occupy a far corner.
    • It was too big and strong to be a potting shed and too small to be anything to do with the farm stores.
    • There is also a potting shed and a large workshop with electric points.
    • If I need to use the loo when I'm out in the potting shed, I now have to walk round the house to the front door.
    • The suture room is something like an ill-kept potting shed, boxes of supplies strewn about the place and a sinister-looking bucket containing a thick white fluid and the head of a mop.
    • Now, if you have a potting shed - which I don't - you're among the more blessed gardeners of the world.
    • The resource centre was built on the foundations of an old potting shed, and recycled materials from the shed, like bricks, soil and windows, were used.
    • Its outbuildings include a double garage, greenhouse, potting shed, kennels and workshop.
    • However, the club's headquarters - a potting shed and greenhouse - was a far cry from today's grounds.
    • Oh yes dear he's in his potting shed goodness knows what he's up to!
    • There is also an Edwardian greenhouse, potting shed, garage and an air-raid shelter.
    • She starts all melon seeds four to six weeks ahead in her potting shed so she can control germination with the right amount of warmth and moisture.
    • The architectural language of sturdy walls and corrugated steel roofs evokes the potting sheds and nursery buildings that formerly occupied the site.
    • As it is, voles dare not approach the potting shed, though they make free with the rest of the garden.