Translation of pout in Spanish:


hacer un mohín, v.

Pronunciation /paʊt//paʊt/

intransitive verb

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    hacer un mohín
    • As the topic changed to our Latin papers, I started pouting again.
    • He pouted playfully and walked out the back door towards the back lawn of the manor.
    • "Not until you come and say you're sorry " he pouted playfully.
    • When he was in the fountain he started crying and pouting like a little baby.
    • Noel pouts and the serious atmosphere is broken by her childish expression.
    • He stepped out of the shadows and pushed back the hood, pouting a bit.
    • I introduce myself to the lady now seated on the other side of my computer, who plonks herself down on the table next to me and pouts.
    • The younger girl pouted into the mirror, testing the effect of the makeup.
    • She crossed her arms and stuck her tongue out at him, pouting again.
    • It's like the inner child in me goes and pouts in the corner and won't listen to reason.
    • "I miss you, " he mouthed and he jokingly pouted at me.
    • So he sits in Parliament and pouts, says nothing of substance, and does nothing for those who voted for him.
    • Joe, not quite understanding the message, pouts.
    • I wanted to sulk and pout like a little kid.
    • The teenage girl pouted her lips like a little child.
    • He pouted slightly, making him even look more childish and even more adorable.
    • She stuck her tongue at me and pouted sulkily.
    • It's a sad day when a politician loses his mind and pouts and cries like a spoiled little eight year old brat because he didn't get it the way he wanted.
    • Girls pouted their lips and smiled into their mirrors as guys continued to push each other playfully.
    • I crossed my arms across my chest and pouted like a little kid.

transitive verb

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    I don't care, she pouted —no me importa —dijo haciendo un mohín


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    mohín masculine