Translation of powder in Spanish:


polvo, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈpaʊdər//ˈpaʊdə/


  • 1

    • 1.1(dust)

      polvo masculine
      before noun in powder form en polvo
      • He slowly rolls to his feet, blinks, and brushes the white ash-like powder off himself.
      • The frozen mycelia were ground into fine powder with a mortar and pestle.
      • The remaining cake, still containing a varying percentage of cocoa butter, is broken into smaller pieces to be sold as cocoa cake or ground into a fine cocoa powder.
      • Crush the seeds to a fine powder with a pestle and mortar.
      • The sand, as Sam had said, was indeed, soft as powder and oozed cool and comfortingly through his bare toes.
      • The sand here is as fine as baby powder and blows up at a moments notice at the slightest movement of wind.
      • Dust with translucent powder using a large brush.
      • This substance was ground into powder, rendered to paste, and then used, for example, as body paint.
      • What's the official term for the fine powder shed by muesli, and remaining at the end of the sack?
      • All that was left behind him was a fine, crushed multi-colored powder.
      • They can then be pounded to pieces and made into fine powder through repeated grinding in water.
      • Whole leaves ground to a fine spice-like powder can be used as seasoning or in backing recipes for breads, cookies, cakes, and muffins.
      • After a quick dusting with fine aluminium powder, a clear print is taken and she compares it with a chart of trainer footprints.
      • It was white and soft like powder, but it carried an aroma that could only be distinguished with the ocean.
      • The final grinding again produces an extremely fine powder and close proximity of potentially reactive substances.
      • Sift 2 cups of icing sugar and 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder into a bowl.
      • Polishing on a brush wheel with putty powder retained the crispness and grain marks of the stone wheels but acid polishing removes all these signs and tends to round off the edges of the cuts.
      • Dried manure ground into fine powder by hooves and wagon wheels puffed up into the air and its pungent smell filled the town and drifted far outside the town.
      • The thickness of the laminae increased with the size of the particles of the fine powder, but not to any great extent as follows.
      • Wet your toothbrush, dip it into the powder, and then brush your teeth and rinse as usual.

    • 1.2(snow)

      nieve en polvo feminine
      • Yet all was not powder snow twinkling in a rosy sunrise, and morale continued at a low ebb.
      • In order to prevent wet powder snow from sticking to the dirt that works its way into the tread pattern, the kick zone especially needs to stay clean.
      • I chose my line of untracked snow and pushed off, testing my telemark turns in the knee-deep powder.
      • There was something about the newly falling powder snow that created a haven, erasing all the difficulties the past few weeks had presented and allowed it to be just me and the perfect world outside.
      • You want lots and lots of freshly fallen powder?
      • He was sitting in loose powder snow on a steep slope and there was no way he could anchor himself to the mountain.
      • Janet trudged through the freshly fallen silent shroud of powder.
      • Since the epic dump last week, the weather has warmed a little, and we have received nothing but sleet and rain, which has turned the once fluffy powder snow into granulated sugar snow.
      • Few of the massed ranks of skiers discussing last night's disco at the restaurant get to know the delights of skiing over fresh powder.
      • Gradually the sun warms up and then, finally, a band of bright, pale gold hits the snow and the fresh powder begins to sparkle beneath your skis.
      • His only accompaniment was the soft hiss of snow passing beneath his skis and the low whistle of the wind as it shaped the loose powder.
      • After dinner, walk outside, take a deep breath of the pine-scented air, and enjoy the moonlight on ponderosa trunks that peek through a layer of fresh powder snow, and the inky mountains in the distance.
      • I seldom ski steep winter powder, and I'm careful about which days I go out.
      • Examination of forage craters indicated that caribou had to contend with only a few centimetres of soft powder snow with a loose granular base.
      • I have only skied on them for one day and mostly in heavy snow, not powder.
      • Are you thinking about whether your toboggan is made of wood or Plexiglas, or whether the snow is deep powder or sleet?
      • There are fantastic conditions in the US and Canada, where new snow and fresh powder make perfect skiing.
      • The sun shone in a clear blue sky, and powder snow sparkled below us.
      • Colorado: the name conjures up images of deep powder, clear blue skies and great skiing.
      • I realized that the effects of riding on powder snow would be very similar to riding on water.

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    pólvora feminine
    to keep one's powder dry no gastar pólvora en gallinazos
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    • 3.1Pharmacology

      (masculine plural) polvos
      to take a powder (escape) poner pies en polvorosa US informal
      • The leaves and seeds, which mature in long pods, are used to prepare extracts or powders for medicinal use.
      • As well as tinctures, homeopathic remedies are available as sugar-based tablets, pills, granules and powders to be taken by mouth, and some also come as creams or ointments to be applied directly to the skin.
      • Pills, powders, caplets, tablets, tinctures, oils and herb formulas can aid good health, but only if they're supplemental to a good diet.
      • Do not use teething lotions, powders, whiskey, or paregoric (because it has opium in it).
      • Well, unfortunately, is that this drug does not come in pill form, or as a powder or liquid.

    • 3.2

      polvo (de tocador) masculine
      (masculine plural) polvos (de tocador)
      before noun powder compact polvera feminine

    • 3.3

      (masculine plural) polvos de talco
      talco masculine Latin America

transitive verb

  • 1

    to powder one's face empolvarse la cara
    • to powder one's nose retocarse el maquillaje
    • she's gone to powder her nose ha ido a lavarse las manos
    • flecks of gray powdered his hair tenía el pelo salpicado de gris
  • 2

    (grind, pulverize)
  • 3

    (eggs/milk) en polvo
    powdered sugar (masculine or feminine) azúcar glas / glasé

intransitive verb

  • 1

    reducirse a un polvo