Translation of power in Spanish:


poder, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈpaʊə//ˈpaʊ(ə)r/


  • 1

    • 1.1(control, influence)

      poder masculine
      (of country) poderío masculine
      (of country) poder masculine
      (center) (before noun) de poder
      the power of the church el poder de la iglesia
      • sea power made us great el dominio del mar / nuestro poderío marítimo nos hizo grandes
      • real power lies with the military en realidad son los militares los que detentan el poder
      • you are in my power estás / te tengo en mi poder
      • power to the people poder para el pueblo
      • people power poder popular
      • power over sb/sth poder sobre algn/algo
      • Unless military power is used with a clear moral clarity we set a precedent that may come back to haunt us and the world.
      • Where have they called for using military power where you'd prefer not to use force?
      • We have the power to influence events if only we are prepared to use it.
      • From the outset his power and influence were exaggerated by Coalition officials.
      • Owing to this view, realists suggest that a state must rely upon its own military power to achieve its needs.
      • I do not believe that military power alone can bridge that gap between East and West.
      • Our military power as well as the area of the land is five times stronger.
      • It seems to me that we are using our military power as a means to avoid suffering the judgment of the world.
      • His greatest strength was recognising the limitations of military power.
      • The world heroine had rendered her causes morally imperative and essential to national military power.
      • It is not the first time that balance of military power has been so skewed.
      • Thus his power and influence grew, and he became captain of the British men's team, a position he set great store by.
      • The power and influence of the local religious and minority leaders cannot be overstated.
      • Being able to do the same things as men is viewed as power by many women who are looking only at military or economic power.
      • Yet it is becoming increasingly clear that military power alone cannot uproot the insurgents.
      • I don't think there's any reason why liberal nice guys can't talk about military power.
      • He remains the only British statesman whose entire career depended on the control and use of military power.
      • But within the company, his power and influence over Russell has been steadily growing.
      • It is a role of no power, no influence, with no glamour or credit.
      • The unprecedented combination of military power and media presence is intentional.
      • We may have or can acquire the military power to deal with two major regional conflicts.
      • Gold might bring power, wealth and influence, but it has wrecked as many lives as it has made.
      • This high level of monitoring enables managers to exert significant power over workers.
      • As a leading shareholder, he wields power and influence himself, and has not been afraid to use it.
      • Like most such people, he possesses a lot of influence and significant power.
      • The last few months have been particularly active and the Society is proving its power and influence.
      • You have power, prestige and influence and can dictate your terms in professional matters.
      • This is a remarkable book, and a reminder of power's corrupting influence is always timely.
      • Money and property were the most important things in life, along with power of course.
      • He raises you up to the highest highs and drags you down to the lowest lows to exert his power over you.
      • Yes, in conventional terms, the greater military power would win out, but not in guerilla warfare.
      • There is no equality in the negotiations, and there certainly is no equality in military power.
      • The single key shift that has to be made is that the union must grasp the rise in power and influence of the big clubs.
      • On the contrary, there are grave dangers attached to over-dependence on military power.
      • Their formative experiences were in the study or practice of military power.
      • The scientific and industrial revolutions vastly increased the wealth and the military power of the West.

    • 1.2(over country, nation)

      poder masculine
      to be in power estar en / ocupar el poder
      • balance of power equilibrio de fuerzas
      • to seize power tomar el poder
      • to come to power llegar / subir al poder
      • In addition a murky role is being played by certain neighbouring countries and international powers.
      • That has not stopped the Chinese from becoming one of the major economic and military powers in the world.
      • It is widely believed that space exploration and development is restricted to the richer nations of the world, or the great military powers.
      • Under those terms, the western powers turned over to Germany a portion of Czechoslovakia.
      • Belgium's influence as a colonial power did little to unite the two tribes.
      • For six years his power depended on the social and political relations created by that upsurge.
      • When in power, local political parties made little difference to the lives of working class people.
      • The parliament that emerged from this vote has been as yet unable to form a government and exercises no power.
      • This could be a test of China's new strength and maturity as an international power.
      • In democracies those who exercise power gain their authority by the votes of the people.
      • Great powers rarely accept military defeat gracefully, especially when the loss isn't total enough to compel acceptance.
      • Often such power is exercised more effectively in respect to foreign policy than domestic reforms.
      • It arrested him and his followers in August under pressure from the international powers, which opposed his influence over the government.
      • The Industrial Revolution ensured military supremacy of the Western powers, whose colonial influence affected most of the Muslim world.
      • However, the Italians and Spanish were not too amused, seeing themselves as military powers in their own right.
      • They don't have the economic and social power of government and media figures, that's for sure.
      • It's about to join the ranks of the major powers within a few decades, if this rate of economic growth can be sustained.
      • The UK would be an especially interesting example of a country torn between two powers should a European military be built up.
      • Social status and political power would be nice, but being able to eat and live are more important.
      • But it's also the nature of the Government to grab power over civic rights and are reluctant to return it after war.
      • Relations between two of Asia's strongest powers are at their worst state in three decades.
      • Any government formed as a result of the present power struggle will further slash living standards.
      • They continue also to be read in the light of modern experiences of class conflict and political power struggles.
      • You cannot change the way power is exercised in the world simply by exposing a handful of people.
      • This is a vast and authoritarian extension of state power and control.
      • The power struggle between the president and the parliament is likely to prevail.
      • The question is, did she exercise her power under the constitution of the state.
      • On one side, it is a running advertisement for the inability of the political class to exercise power with purpose today.
      • They can check each other, and the exercise of power over time requires them to bargain and cooperate.
      • At a certain point there was an attempt at a coup d' état in Spain and the socialists went into power.
      • He was an eloquent opponent of the exercise of arbitrary power by governments the world over.
      • After a long trend of consolidation by colonial powers, new countries are declaring their independence.
      • Amid the muddle, Australia and New Zealand, the region's most influential powers, stood aghast as outrage followed outrage.
      • One could argue that the insurance industry should be able to exercise the same power to control legal costs.
      • And his critics largely do not oppose his view that Western powers should have the right to intervene militarily in troublesome states.
      • He warned that such behaviour set a bad precedent, which would allow other powers to take military action under the guise of humanitarian concerns but actually act for their own advantage.
      • We believe that peoples and nations have the right to determine their own destiny, free from military coercion by great powers.
      • Instead these have become fronts for big corporations and the military of the imperialistic powers in their drive for global domination.
      • But that was a revolution which brought the capitalist class to political power.
      • The architecture of Eritrean towns reflects the nation's colonial past and the shifting influence of foreign powers.

    • 1.3(official authority)

      poder masculine
      power to + inf poder para + inf
      • they have no power to intervene no tienen poder para intervenir
      • special powers poderes extraordinarios
      • power of veto derecho de veto
      • to exceed one's powers excederse en sus (/ mis etc. ) poderes / atribuciones
      • they were given full powers to … les dieron plenos poderes para …
      • it's beyond his powers no es de su competencia
      • Parliament could abdicate or divest itself of power to another body.
      • In this rather uninspiring context it may be some consolation that the directors are taking powers to buy shares in the market.
      • The Tribunal has no power to delegate to any other body the performance of the duties laid on it by the Act.
      • In this legislation the Customs Service is looking to have increased powers to detain people at remote locations.
      • What is a police state other than one in which police have strong powers not properly restrained by the courts?
      • The change is meant to spur directors to take back board powers ceded over the years to managers.
      • There are special police powers to arrest and search.
      • However, there is now a far greater concentration of power in the statutory bodies than is the case in medicine.
      • They will soon find that they need the same powers as their English colleagues - direct control over budgets.
      • Will they be granted police powers, and if so, by what means?
      • There has also been a history of judicial reticence when a power is delegated to an elected public body.
      • Residents say that the case has exposed a legal loophole because tough new police powers to move on travellers do not apply if they own plots of land.
      • Since the release of the commission's report last month, debate has centred on what powers the new intelligence director should have.
      • This body has power to suspend and dismiss public servants where there has been misconduct or a breach of duty.
      • This ground of challenge may be used where the claimant alleges that there has been an unlawful delegation of power.
      • The Government last year unveiled plans for police to have increased powers to move unauthorised travellers' camps.
      • Now, this is a very important development, because the case directly challenges the president's wartime powers.
      • Consent authorities will have enhanced powers to direct the hearing process.
      • Abuse of police power needs to be stamped out as soon as it starts.
      • The power is then delegated to the judicial registrars but not the registrars of the court.

  • 2

    • 2.1(nation)

      potencia feminine
      a major industrial/naval power una potencia industrial/naval de primer orden
      • a foreign power una potencia extranjera

    • 2.2(person, group)

      he's a power to be reckoned with es una fuerza con la que hay que contar
      • the power behind the throne el poder en la sombra
      • the powers that be los que detentan el poder
      • the powers of darkness los poderes del mal

  • 3

    • 3.1(physical strength, force)

      fuerza feminine
      more power to your elbow ¡bien hecho!
      • Their stand-out attribute for me is the physical strength and power of the players.
      • The little power she exerted wouldn't even cause the restraints to do more than to go taut.
      • Yet by their physical power, they can impose their will without regard to the law.
      • We think power is physical muscle power and we try harder to overpower and dominate others.
      • Still young, he towers above me now and I can sense he enjoys that reversal of physical power, the way he stoops to put his arm round me.
      • For all their bluster and bombast, each display of physical power proves in the end to be ineffectual.
      • I've had a programme of rehab work to do and it's all aimed at getting the strength and power back into the muscles around my knee.
      • The emphasis throughout most of the closed season has been on building up extra strength and muscle power.
      • The man was knocked somersaulting backwards on the ground from the force of my power.
      • If Howe's try was one of delicate perfection, Smith's first of his brace was one of sheer power and physical presence.
      • It prevents the loss of bone density and it increases your muscle strength and power.
      • The feeling of the sheer power and force of the water could actually be felt through your entire body!
      • It's because you're holding a weapon that it evens up, it has nothing to do with gender or physical power.
      • This allows your body to be set up so your swing can move right through this area with power.
      • If the Englishwoman could develop a hurdling technique to match her speed and power she would really be a force to be reckoned with.
      • The ship jarred suddenly, torn between its engines and the pulling power of the hole.

    • 3.2

      (of wind, sun) potencia feminine
      (of wind, sun) fuerza feminine
      (of drug, chemical) potencia feminine
      (of engine, loudspeaker, transmitter, telescope) potencia feminine
      we have doubled our processing power hemos duplicado nuestra capacidad de procesamiento
      • Everything was perfect and now there is a lot of power in the engine.
      • It has major engine power, plus all the technology of a finely tuned race car.
      • There are also three slow speed corners to negotiate and four straight sections which reward engine power.
      • He lost engine power after lap 15 and it was a long slow frustrating race for the Aussie.
      • This should be less of a problem at Monaco, where no cars use their full engine power.
      • Just before midnight, half a dozen miles from Beaumaris, the engine lost power.
      • We'll push it as long as we can before cutting the sails and going to engine power.
      • It lost power in all its engines, but glided long enough to exit the ash cloud and get the engines working again.
      • The denser ones keep more sand out, but at the expense of engine power.
      • The three straights of the Silverstone circuit reward engine power.
      • As a pilot he has experience of being struck by lightning and engines losing power.
      • I immediately felt a loss of engine power and saw some smoke, then my race was over.
      • The crew had reduced power on the left engine and re-circled for a safe landing.
      • For automobiles, the tax will depend on the engine power adjusted by a ratio based on the year of manufacture.
      • The engine is down on power compared to its rivals, and the chassis has problems, too.
      • Damage to the first stage compressor shows that the engine had no power in it, and had either been throttled right back or had no fuel.
      • Towards the end of the race I had a bit more oversteer and also the engine power was turned down as there was nothing more we could gain.
      • With a brisk performance, this engine had plenty of power at the high end.
      • Once again we tried to lift off with engines roaring at full power, but no cigar.
      • It's lighter; it has a better aerodynamic performance and it has more engine power.

    • 3.3

      (of tradition, love) poder masculine
      (of tradition, love) fuerza feminine
      (of argument) fuerza feminine
      (of argument) lo poderoso
      (of argument) lo convincente

  • 4

    • 4.1(ability, capacity)

      I did everything in my power hice todo lo que me era posible
      • it doesn't lie within my power no está en mi(s) mano(s)
      • that's beyond my power eso está fuera de mis posibilidades
      • she has the power to see into the future es capaz de predecir el futuro

    • 4.2(specific faculty)

      he lost the power of sight/hearing/speech perdió la vista/el oído/el habla
      • power(s) of concentration capacidad de concentración
      • her power(s) of persuasion su(s) poder(es) de persuasión
      • test your mental powers pon a prueba tu inteligencia / tus facultades mentales
      • her creative/imaginative power(s) su capacidad creativa/imaginativa
      • he was at the height of his power(s) estaba en su mejor momento / en la plenitud de sus facultades
      • The powers of technology harnessed with the power of the human mind fused into one supreme being capable of the impossible.
      • The power of speech went first, as my tongue swelled to the size of a bouncy castle.
      • The planet's influence will be detrimental while its power to express the influence is augmented.
      • We are baffled before the mystery of life, the powers of nature, the power of sin, and the fact of death.
      • We live in a country where we do have some power to influence the actions of our governments.
      • Advertisers have little power to influence what is published - partly because there are many of them.
      • The directors can have no power and the members can have no power to direct the affairs of the company.
      • Frequent trips to the loo are commonplace, along with losing the power of speech.
      • You and you alone can rescue these people with your amazing powers of common sense.
      • First it is a denial of the power of the human intellect to reason out understanding.
      • To assess the chances, let me look a little more closely at the destructive power of an impact event.
      • The basic question posed by war is about the powers of endurance and capacity for sacrifice of the two sides.
      • This is a story of the power of love and both its trials and its obsessions.
      • He preached a simple, effective message of a common humanity and the power of love.
      • The power of affection or love has its place because the world longs for redemption.
      • Casper believes himself to have the power of clairvoyance, though he has no reasons for this belief.
      • We cannot underestimate the power of spirit, love and compassion to effect change.
      • I can use any number of tools, from the powers of composition and imagination to the power of a computer, to make an image be what I want it to be.
      • Both are also role models with enormous power to influence their peer group.
      • In 1969 he began to demonstrate his powers of telepathy and psychokinesis to small audiences.

  • 5

    • 5.1Mechanics Physics

      potencia feminine
      (particular source of energy) energía feminine
      the engine lacks power al motor le falta potencia
      • nuclear/wave/solar power energía nuclear/mareomotriz/solar
      • before noun power brakes servofrenos
      • power saw (electrical) sierra eléctrica
      • The TV power is supplied through the decoder so you can't turn that off either.
      • Judging by the dimmed lighting, he had diverted all available power to the engines.
      • The original half watt of power will diminish to less than a billionth of a watt at the point of arrival.
      • This standard limits the level of harmonics in the current drawn by the power supply from the mains.
      • Wind power uses the kinetic energy from the wind to turn an electricity-generating turbine.
      • There is absolutely no form of pollution and no emissions and it generates power for the national grid.
      • While the red lights confirm the supply of power from the post, the green push button is to check the fuse status.
      • If gas was found a small generator would be placed at the top of the pipe to supply power to the National Grid.
      • Excess power is supplied externally, and heat from the system may be supplied in the form of hot water.
      • Spectral analysis provides a measure of power in the different frequency bands in the EEG.
      • When its energy runs out it is simply rewound, producing an infinite supply of power at no cost.
      • Many of those built are running on English lines with power supplied through a third rail below the train.
      • It was battery operated, and would not rely on a malfunction in the main power supply.
      • When the pattern of the call signal is for telephone, the main power supply is not turned on.
      • And how about the deepest south of England having its power supplies administered from Perth?
      • Besides, the problem is more complicated than simply looking at power and frequency.
      • An electrician surreptitiously hooks up our hero to the main power supply.
      • It connects to your power supply and your normal power cable connects to it.
      • It likes to trumpet its all out speed while ignoring the 130 watts of power and size of the beast.
      • The server has two separate power supplies and two power cables in case one fails or falls out.
      • They are also actively involved in smuggling and looting high-voltage power cables.
      • The current production is not enough to provide electrical power for export, experts said.
      • There are two 1.5 watt speakers built in and the unit draws a paltry 20 watts of power.
      • The road was unlit in spite of the fact that power cables that supplied the town with electricity ran parallel to it.
      • It is also investigating ways to exploit the stocks of fuel set aside to operate the exchange standby power generators.

    • 5.2(electricity)

      electricidad feminine
      to turn the power on/off conectar/cortar la electricidad
      • power grid red eléctrica
      • power workers trabajadores del sector eléctrico

  • 6

    potencia feminine
    10 to the power of 4/of 3 10 (elevado) a la cuarta potencia/al cubo
  • 7informal

    (a lot)
    to do sb a power of good hacerle a algn mucho bien
    • your visit's done him a power of good tu visita le ha hecho mucho bien

transitive verb

  • 1

    the plane is powered by four engines el avión está propulsado por cuatro motores
    • it's powered by electricity es eléctrico
    • steam-powered a / de vapor
    • nuclear-powered submarine submarino nuclear

intransitive verb

  • 1informal

    (move rapidly)
    we were powering along the highway íbamos disparados por la carretera informal