Translation of power cut in Spanish:

power cut

apagón, n.


  • 1

    apagón masculine
    corte de luz masculine
    corte de corriente masculine
    corte de electricidad masculine
    • The Ilkley train station ticket office was also closed during the power cut and the fare machine was out of service, but the trains continued to run on time.
    • The Wednesday power cut is likely to be only the first of many as the state braces itself for the summer, when a legion of air conditioners is switched on.
    • Householders were told to stay inside after toxic fumes escaped from a Shipley electronics firm last night after a power cut.
    • The power cut came two weeks after a massive blackout brought the north east coast of America to its knees.
    • Not every shop affected by the power cut had to close.
    • But Canadian naval officials said the problem was electrical and had been preceded by a power cut.
    • Two workers were rushed to hospital with burns after cutting through a power cable and causing a power cut in the town centre.
    • In Burnley, homes and businesses were briefly left without electricity after a power cut.
    • It wasn't a power cut as the monitor light was still on.
    • Not last night, but the night before, we had a power cut.
    • If your report is correct, it was caused by a power cut.
    • An elderly woman who was left without electricity for more than 16 hours following a power cut has said she fears for her life in case it happens again.
    • This can mean everything from a power cut to network problems to electrical problems with the equipment.
    • It is thought the clock stopped during a power cut on New Year's Eve but yesterday, five days later, the hands were still stuck at five to 11.
    • Similarly, the power cut on rural domestic supply has been decreased from 10 hours to six hours.
    • Internet voice calling doesn't have its own power supply, meaning no service in a power cut.
    • Around 40,000 homes and businesses across the Hyndburn and Burnley areas were affected by a power cut in the early hours of today.
    • If you live outside the UK you may be unaware that London suffered a power cut last night paralysing most of the Tube and all rail lines in South London.
    • I suppose I'm just lucky that the clients are dimmer than painted-over lightbulbs during a power cut.
    • There was a long rigmarole with automated telephone answering; I couldn't once speak to a human being to report the power cut.