Translation of power dive in Spanish:

power dive

caída en picada, n.


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    caída en picada feminine
    (con el motor a tope) caída en picado feminine Spain
    • Since these were service test aircraft, the three machines were handed over to regular squadron pilots from the 1st Pursuit Group who put in about 60 hours of flying time, doing everything from slow flight testing to full power dives.
    • He proceeded to take the Hawk up to 22,000 feet and in a power dive he brought the aircraft to within 1500 feet of the ground.
    • The Thunderbolt could, from its high altitude perch, dive like the proverbial brick which gave rise to the myth that the P - 47 had broken the sound barrier during a power dive.
    • During a power dive he found that the new fighter accelerated like nothing else flying.
    • These aerial hunters are known for their steep power-dives, or stoops, sometimes reaching speeds up to 200 miles per hour.
    • Attempts to force her to obey had resulted in that power dive of over a mile.
    • It was not uncommon for prototype aircraft not to recover, or to break up from the great pressures exerted in pulling up from a power dive, so test pilots were really earning their salaries on these flights.
    • The power dive results in a safe getaway about 80 percent of the time.
    • He shot past making a noise like a duck in a power dive.
    • That we're allowed to undertake such dangerous behavior above 10,000 feet is based on the idea that from that altitude, somebody is going to notice in time to stop the power dive.
    • Each male, following a circular route, makes a series of power dives during which the outermost tail-feathers are held out almost at right-angles to the bird's body.
    • Free of the terrible roar which had accompanied the power dive, we could hear Walt whacking on the inside of this turret.
    • Speed puts the scream into extreme by offering the world's steepest vertical drop, a 97-degree inverted power dive that might make you poorly.