Translation of power line in Spanish:

power line

cable de alta tensión, n.


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    cable de alta tensión masculine
    • If it is dark, you may not be able to see the fallen power line that has electrified the puddle of water or the cracked tree limb about to crash down onto the sidewalk.
    • The company wants to build the three pylons as part of its controversial project for a new power line from Teesside to Shipton-by-Beningbrough, near York.
    • The exact cause of the outage will only be determined once the power line has been fixed.
    • An artillery shell had cut a power line and the wire fell into the ditch.
    • Voltage leakage detection requires a detector with a large-enough frame to straddle the electrical power line.
    • In rural areas, if a branch falls off a tree and hits a power line, it can affect all the electricity users nearby.
    • The capacity of the power line between the two countries is about 500-600 megawatts.
    • This much mental electricity should be able to run a small city, but instead I'm more like a cut power line, arcing and sparking spasmodically.
    • Never throw anything at any electrical installation or power line.
    • The recent published research does not provide a basis for deferring the construction of the power line.
    • Shortly before 8.20 am yesterday, it is believed the pair were moving a metal street light when it touched an overhead power line linked to the national grid.
    • A tent pole touched an overhead power line and they were electrocuted.
    • With a power line in place, the two flimsy solar cell solution on opposite sides of the pole is feasible.
    • They were raising a tent, and it touched a live power line.
    • There wasn't a power line leading to or from it in any direction, I couldn't find a generator, and I didn't see any solar panels.
    • His nearby residence and the church were without power, probably a good thing for a man further down the road who was clearing a tree off a power line with a chain saw.
    • The air around a power line isn't a good conductor, but very high voltages do create a significant electrical field.
    • One of the submariners handling the power line was accidentally electrocuted.
    • I realized I had hit a power line when I discovered the nearby town was without electricity.
    • Plans to build a power line through national forest land near where the tracks were found have raised concerns from conservationists.