Translation of power nap in Spanish:

power nap

siesta reconstituyente, n.


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    siesta reconstituyente feminine
    • It's just sometimes you need to escape for a power nap.
    • Find time for some yoga, a nature walk, a power nap, and some healthy meals.
    • This difference is partially due to the number of participants in the current study who reported power naps that lasted less than 20 minutes.
    • "If you can have power breakfasts and power lunches, why not power naps?"
    • The incident rate of very short naps (frequently termed power naps) in modern society may be on the rise.
    • Body temperature falls to a daytime low in the early afternoon, making you feel sluggish - prime time for a power nap.
    • So relaxed, or tired, was she that she settled down for a power nap, stretching out on the grass and resting her head on her kit bag.
    • Perhaps one of the most interesting findings was the somewhat unexpected prevalence of power naps that were reported by both young men and women and middle-aged adults.
    • We had a bit of a power nap when we got back to the hotel and we watched the brothers play in the doubles final at Wimbledon.
    • She looks like a private school headmistress awakening from a five-minute power nap.
    • After a "power nap," she agrees to play with Scooter.
    • Sleep is the new 21st century status symbol, epitomised by the " power nap ".
    • Clive, his face still damp, is soon catching a ten-minute "power nap" amidst the clutter.
    • After a power nap during French, I felt revitalized and had a new outlook on things.
    • This is one of those 15 minute power naps they raved about on the time management course you sent me on.
    • I think a mid evening power nap is the way forward.
    • As Dr White points out, even Margaret Thatcher and Winston Churchill took power naps.
    • This compact Executive Hammock can help you indulge in a serious power nap.
    • Bedding down by your desk may not be the answer, but using a room for a post-lunch power nap could work.
    • A ten-minute ' power nap ' can leave you regenerated and relaxed.