Translation of power plant in Spanish:

power plant



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    • Particulate matter, or soot, is produced by coal-fired power plants and diesel engines.
    • Engineers said the power plant could be back online as early as today.
    • But the path of electricity from a power plant to your wall socket is a rather, well, circuitous one.
    • Heavy smoke from a burning power plant poured over the city of 500,000, and other buildings were also on fire.
    • Players explore cobblestone streets, power plants and burning buildings as they hunt the malevolent beings.
    • In this article, we will examine how a nuclear reactor and a power plant work.
    • The smaller size may lead to a more economical fusion power plant.
    • It might be a pasteurisation system or hydro plant or a nuclear power plant or refinery or something.
    • To put a ribbon on this giveaway, some officials even want to provide taxpayer subsidies for building new power plants.
    • He works at the local nuclear power plant as a safety engineer while she stays at home and raises the kids.
    • It is a peat burning station and we had no objection to the power plant because of the peat burning history in the area.
    • Plans are to bring gas to the village's schools, electric power plant and government buildings later.
    • To start with, the electric power plant may burn out because of just about anything.
    • On Dec.6, hundreds of protestors staged a rally at a wind power plant in the city over land compensation disputes.
    • The move was meant to lower prices and encourage the building of more power plants.
    • Energy efficiency reduces pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, primarily at the power plant.
    • We keep him in a building that was originally designed as a nuclear power plant.
    • So he went on silently, learning to be an engineer for an atomic power plant.
    • In the wake of recent comments in support of the co-generation power plant, I feel compelled to put the record straight.
    • The 1,875 megawatt plant is the largest privately owned combined-cycle gas turbine heat and power plant in the world.