Translation of power play in Spanish:

power play


  • 1

    (in ice hockey)
    circunstancia de estar en superioridad numérica
  • 2

    estrategia feminine
    manejos masculine
    maniobras feminine
    • I had a relationship after my marriage that really explored power play, and it was the most passionate, powerful, liberating thing I have ever experienced in my life.
    • That power play drew a record 8,000 written responses from the public, only 10 of which supported it.
    • But her remarkable life, carefully handled, could provide a revealing taste of 14 th-century power play, spiced with a heady dose of intrigue, romance and brutal political violence.
    • The 70s power play between political parties and the State institutions again defined the debate and ‘ideology’ related decisions.
    • The power play began before Christmas with the setting of the agenda for the convention when a series of 50 questions were devised by the Belgian presidency and finessed by the member countries ambassadors.
    • So it is that the drugs issue is secondary to the political power play.
    • Trapped in the middle of this power play is Bangalore.
    • But ordinary people rejected his power play, reclaiming their nation's path through the ballot box.
    • All through life, food and eating can become entangled and misused in all sorts of emotional problems and power play, such as bulimia, anorexia, obesity, hunger strikes, etc.
    • I suspect political power play is involved in that decision.
    • It's power play, not because he actually feels powerful, but because he wants to feel that way.
    • Her features became blank in the aristocratic air she had perfected over the years of political power play.
    • For all the intricacies of the spat, it smacks of political one-upmanship, petty power play and a healthy dose of ego juice.
    • My feeling when it comes to any kind of sexual representation that deals with power play is that we have a tendency to cast ourselves in certain roles, for good or bad.
    • The anti-retrenchment strikes have more to do with political power play than anything else.
    • He is clearly interested in exploring sexual relations as an arena of power play.
    • On many levels, it was a sleazy political power play.
    • He points out that it's almost impossible to take clothing off without there being an aspect of power play.
    • The power play of calling or not calling just doesn't exist.
    • I'd love to know what bureaucratic power play brought that about.