Translation of power station in Spanish:

power station

central eléctrica, n.


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    central eléctrica feminine
    usina eléctrica feminine South America
    a nuclear power station una central nuclear
    • You cannot switch a nuclear power station on and off at will, like rival energy sources, to exploit periods of peak demand.
    • When you burn it in a power station you release that carbon dioxide back to the atmosphere.
    • He dammed the loch, built a power station, and began installing what was to become the most sophisticated fish farm in the world.
    • But the industry believes that it should go somewhere where there has already been a nuclear power station.
    • He said an American company had agreed to build a power station there which would be of immense benefit to the area.
    • It takes time to build a power station, and the current supply is dictated by decisions made five or so years ago.
    • The group used the website to sell goods bearing the image and name of the power station, and it hoped to expand its retail operation.
    • The scheme will generate its own electricity, from its own power station.
    • Talk was that they were building an electric power station a couple of miles up river.
    • One of the guys who runs the power station hasn't been paid in nine months, but he keeps doing his job.
    • They were planning to visit a power station in the country for work.
    • The hardest part is to capture the carbon dioxide in the power station instead of pumping it into the air.
    • This natural dam was consolidated and a power station installed in more recent times.
    • The power station built by Japanese grant aid began generating electricity in 1960.
    • If the scheme goes ahead the huge complex will be built on land that was occupied by a previous power station until the 1980s.
    • The reason we used it is that there used to be a power station there.
    • He is a machine fitter and has been helping the British Engineers bring the power station back on line.
    • But if a power station is developed, pressure will be increased on the National Assembly.
    • He says the power station prides itself on being a good neighbour and intends to be a vital part of the local community for years to come.
    • Rather than build the development to match the surrounding homes, it's been built to match the power station.