Translation of power steering in Spanish:

power steering

dirección asistida, n.


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    dirección asistida feminine
    • There's also dual airbags, power steering, electric windows front and rear, and central locking.
    • The tiny steering wheel and perfectly balanced power steering make fast sharp corners a real pleasure and if the back steps out a little it can be caught with ease.
    • It is also well fitted-out, its specification list including power steering, electric front windows and remote central locking.
    • To save weight and keep the driving experience pure there are no airbags, ABS or power steering.
    • It also helped that the variable power steering, while being relaxed, was not too light and still communicated well.
    • Equipped with electric power steering with switchable assistance, a light gearchange and clutch, this is the ideal city van.
    • He says it is already doing this by sharing a single steering angle sensor between its electric power steering and traction control systems.
    • Though I found the speed-sensitive electric power steering to be a little too light at low speeds, it stiffened up over 40 mph.
    • Combining with the automatic gearbox to provide that easy driving is speed proportional variable ratio power steering carried over from the original model.
    • The power steering did feel a little on the heavy side and the model I tested produced a worrying grinding noise when steering at low speeds especially while manoeuvring to park.
    • But standard hydraulically assisted power steering lacks that capability.
    • Most reports indicate the driver experienced an intermittent loss of power steering assist when making left turns, usually at low speeds.
    • Most cars didn't have power steering and the brakes were tiny.
    • His proposals include fitting cars with smaller engines and banning power steering and automatic gearboxes.
    • The electronic power steering is effortless, but despite providing more ‘feel’ at higher speeds it still feels a bit remote.
    • Speed-sensitive, hydraulic power steering allows positive feedback and control for the driver as well as aiding parking.
    • The electric power steering was light but steering itself was responsive.
    • A 10.4m turning circle, assisted by power steering, makes for easy driving around town.
    • Specification has been improved and twin front airbags, power steering, electric front windows and central locking all come as part of the package.
    • As readers of this magazine know, automotive technologies have advanced far beyond power brakes and power steering.