Translation of powerboat in Spanish:


lancha a motor, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpaʊəbəʊt//ˈpaʊ(ə)rˌboʊt/


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    lancha a motor feminine
    lancha de motor feminine
    lancha motora feminine Spain
    • We have been coming here for 16 years with both sailing boats and powerboats.
    • Surprisingly, he said about 50% of his buyers of traditional powerboats are former sailboat owners.
    • The race will be supervised by 20 powerboats and 20 paddle boats who will assist swimmers if there are any problems.
    • Show your support and love of boating by choosing the card that depicts an exhilarating ride on a powerboat or the card that features a sailboat with spinnaker flying.
    • Although they can hold their breath for as long as 20 minutes, the slow-moving mammals must rise to the surface to breathe air periodically, and are thus vulnerable to being struck by the hulls and propellers of powerboats.
    • Whether it's a small tank on a sailboat, or a large tank on a powerboat, we think it would work well.
    • A total of 15 boats participated, including eight monohull and four multihull sailboats, and three powerboats.
    • It had stopped raining, but was still very overcast; even so, the lights of Manhattan and the armada of cruise ships and powerboats spread out underneath us were spectacular.
    • It specialises in the manufacture of radar for recreational craft, including yachts and powerboats.
    • All of these marinas have sailboats and powerboats for rent.
    • I can no longer keep count of the thoughtless operators of powerboats who are unaware of this simple maneuver, and who roar quickly out of earshot of curses and out of sight of appropriate gestures.
    • Say, for example, boat buyers are interested in an upscale powerboat.
    • On small powerboats, lift the lower unit or outdrive.
    • The suspended flotilla includes modern powerboats, yachts and coracles.
    • If it's a powerboat, some traditionalists suggest running it aground (gently, of course).
    • But as anyone with a powerboat knows, fuel prices at the marina fuel dock are markedly higher than those on the corner gas station.
    • On any given weekend, the Gulf is a pattern of sails, powerboats and ferries, heading to a ‘favourite island’.
    • They proceeded to fly at ridiculous and dangerous speeds around moored yachts and trawlers in their powerboats and jet skis and not a single lifejacket among them and no sign of anyone being around to stop them.
    • Much of its activity is centred around the riva - the promenade - filled with a jostle of yachts, powerboats and hydrofoils that can ferry you to tiny ports along a coastline dotted with unspoilt beaches and 1,185 islands.
    • Sailors also need to be aware that even though they have a sail up, they are considered a powerboat if the engine is on.