Translation of powerful in Spanish:


poderoso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈpaʊ(ə)rfəl//ˈpaʊəf(ə)l//ˈpaʊəfʊl/


  • 1

    (landowner/politician/country) poderoso
    • And the men controlling the most powerful countries in the world ought to be ashamed.
    • Hmm, maybe so, but the fact remains that the Scots and Irish influence is a powerful and pervasive one.
    • Westin was now quite convinced that his country was the most powerful in the world.
    • Reed ensured he was in a powerful position to influence how much scrutiny the council applied to the Forum.
    • Newspapers and magazines were equally powerful cultural influences on public opinion.
    • He believes that the powerful are powerful because they control the surface of things.
    • Labour MPs and the powerful anti-hunt lobby are not really concerned about the fox.
    • It has fed and sheltered me, and is powerful enough to influence the direction of my art.
    • What would he recommend for them if they weren't currently the most powerful nation?
    • So a handful of votes will determine the direction of the world's most powerful and influential country.
    • There is, Richard says, a subtler but no less powerful influence at work too.
    • Second, there is a bipolar structure of control, with the system controlled by two powerful states.
    • Its successes have been very inconvenient to the powerful and privileged.
    • She then went to work for one of the most powerful, influential billionaires on the planet.
    • A quarter of a century on, the clergyman remains a powerful and influential figure even in death.
    • We need a powerful English Parliament with equal funding to that of other UK regional ones.
    • Or else the world influences in those times were very powerful, and they were.
    • Despite notching up just one small and one big hit, he has exerted a powerful influence on Scottish pop.
    • At long last, someone had beaten the powerful development lobby at City Hall.
    • It has made it far harder for determined and powerful figures to control how people see events and that can only be a good thing.
  • 2

    (serve/stroke) potente
    (arms/shoulders/swimmer) fuerte
    • But Alistair Brown lunged to his right to turn the powerful header round the post.
    • We all have a craving in life, be it a powerful yearning or a strong zest for something we seek.
    • The radiation would be at least 50 times above normal, powerful enough to kill exposed life.
    • Tip #4: Food is a powerful motivator when it comes to dog training.
    • I wanted to be where I used to be and have that powerful, strong sense of direction.
    • Scientific and technical progress of the latter half of the twentieth century made them extremely powerful.
    • However they are very powerful tools for company identification in the mind of users.
    • He's big and powerful and a strong boy: the last thing you want is to be in his way when he is running at you.
    • The law is an incredibly powerful tool for shaping social perceptions, as well as controlling behavior.
    • He went after powerful mages himself, and my father was one of them.
    • They were very powerful, very illegal weapons.
    • Women may live longer than men because they have a more powerful immune system, it was reported yesterday.
    • The hope of water was such a powerful motivator, it kept me going.
    • She had nearly reached the door when a strong, incredibly powerful hand caught hold of her arm.
    • Studies are accumulating that the pizza herb, oregano, is a powerful antioxidant.
    • She sounds invulnerable, not because she's powerful but because she's so darned nice.
    • The incidence also explains the powerful placebo effect of some treatments.
    • And the animals are powerful enough to kill with a single blow.
    • I felt oddly powerful, and threw myself into my stretches with impressive enthusiasm.
    • Both have strong, powerful teams who can also play a bit, and both have great managers.
  • 3

    (performance/image/book) impactante
    (argument) poderoso
    (argument) convincente
    (incentive) poderoso
    • As a man of strong intellectual powers, many of his most powerful effects were carefully thought through.
    • His speech when launching his campaign for the Tory leadership was a powerful anti-war polemic.
    • But in the literary sphere it can generate quite powerful effects and exert a strong appeal.
    • Her voice is calming and almost hypnotic at times, and really strong and powerful at others.
    • They will provide powerful insights into the effects of different herbicide usage.
    • Yet the result is mesmeric: it shows how little you actually need to make powerful dramatic radio.
    • It was extremely theatrical, which made the effects more dramatic and powerful.
    • Thirdly, the powerful effect of these stories relates to the way people estimate probabilities.
    • Bold use of line and strong colour create powerful images that also provide an insight into the minds of the artists.
    • She played solo with an acoustic guitar, her voice was powerful and clear and she knew how to use it.
    • But words can be an incredibly powerful tool.
    • Yet, it is the simplicity of these principles that makes them so powerful.
    • It's sometimes I think the best analogy for a koan is a painting that has a powerful effect on you.
    • When this is done well - and it hardly ever is - it can be immensely powerful.
    • His lyrics are powerful and emotive and come wrapped in lovely melodies.
    • The work showed a director able to blend live action and special effects in powerful packages.
    • How many other tv shows around today have such a powerful and predominately female cast?
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    (loudspeaker/engine/weapon) potente
    (drug/detergent) potente
    (drug/detergent) fuerte
    (smell/current) fuerte