Translation of practical joke in Spanish:

practical joke

broma, n.


  • 1

    broma feminine
    to play a practical joke on sb hacerle / gastarle una broma a algn
    • So I've cut down on my practical jokes to people who I really don't like.
    • The build-up has the atmosphere of a phoney war as the rivals perfect the various practical jokes and wind-ups that will help unsettle their enemy's preparations.
    • I heard that Bob used to play a lot of practical jokes while on the movie set, and I was wondering if she had any fond memories.
    • As you can well imagine, the practical jokes were relentless and wicked, and if you didn't have a sense of humour you didn't survive.
    • For most children, the night has always been about practical jokes.
    • With their real selves hidden from view, clowns can manage to play the silliest of practical jokes upon each other, without causing offence to anyone.
    • Perhaps, it dawns on our fraternal protagonists, you really shouldn't mess about with practical jokes on the airwaves.
    • Adolescent humor shines in the gag, the prank and the practical joke.
    • That's the origin of our annual day of pranks and practical jokes.
    • Made in America, the show features a group of men who perform bizarre stunts and practical jokes which often involve damaging and setting fire to things.
    • I got to thinking about other, specifically rural pranks and practical jokes and could not come up with all that many…
    • There was only one thing that my two brothers could ever specialize in, and that was in pranks and practical jokes.
    • He would tell awful, horrendous jokes and he would play practical jokes on people.
    • She wanted to believe it was simply one of their housemates playing a practical joke, a haunted house trick.
    • The youngsters portray the rivalry between two groups and the way a third group defuses situations with practical jokes and comedy.
    • Sometimes his colleagues, with their love of practical jokes, haven't been so helpful.
    • Knowing that the end is near, he and his gang let loose with a torrent of pranks and practical jokes designed to drive the association and the local cops crazy.
    • The prank was part of a British TV show that plays practical jokes on celebrities.
    • He said his friend was notorious for playing practical jokes.
    • Known for enjoying practical jokes, she was one of few women in the camp, and she had the respect of everyone.