Translation of practical nurse in Spanish:

practical nurse

enfermero auxiliar, n.



  • 1

    enfermero auxiliar masculine
    enfermera auxiliar feminine
    • The county-run centers, which cater to the elderly poor, plan additional courses to allow licensed practical nurses to become registered nurses.
    • The workers, who include practical nurses and maintenance, kitchen and clerical staff, are demanding a 27 percent raise over three years, while the government is offering only 3 percent over four years.
    • The workers include support staff, licensed practical nurses, health-care aids, dietary personnel and housekeeping staff at the long-term care and rehabilitation facility for adults.
    • As the profession redefined itself, a number of functions once performed by nurses fell into the hands of nursing aides, licensed practical nurses, and other health-care specialists, such as physical therapists.
    • This bill is needed to send a message that physical violence against registered and licensed practical nurses in our hospitals, nursing homes and clinics just will not be tolerated.
    • The total number of nursing staff employed (including registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and patient care technicians) was obtained from the nurse manager for each unit.
    • And some new nursing programs - for registered nurses and licensed practical nurses - are a possibility in 2006 or 2007.
    • It also found that mortality rates per occupied beds increased as staffing levels of hospital administrators and licensed practical nurses or licensed vocational nurses increased.
    • Seven participants had a bachelor of science in nursing degree, and one was a licensed practical nurse.
    • Licensed practical nurses, maintenance and technical staff, along with lab, pharmacy and nursing assistants, have been without a contract since June 30.
    • The parachute assault section usually includes two surgeons, four operating room nurses, one nurse anesthetist, two practical nurses, and three operating room technicians.
    • Others begin as a licensed practical nurse or registered nurse.
    • Does the agency employ registered nurses and licensed practical nurses?
    • This does not only mean nurses, doctors and practical nurses, but includes housekeeping staff, dietary staff, and volunteers.
    • The Alberta strike involved licensed practical nurses, ambulance attendants, hospital support staff and others at 159 health facilities across the province.
    • The vast majority of these graduates were practical nurses.
    • He has not been employed since but is presently enrolled in a two year program which will see him graduate with a certificate as a registered practical nurse.
    • Home-care aids and licensed practical nurses are two of the largest employee groups that will receive the pay equity increases.
    • Inter-disciplinary teams which could include physicians, registered nurses, dietitians, home-care workers, physio-therapists, social workers, nurse practitioners, licensed practical nurses and many others.
    • In some hospitals, long-term care facilities, and outpatient care settings, licensed practical nurses have certain responsibilities in administering medication to patients.