Translation of practice in Spanish:


práctica, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpraktɪs//ˈpræktəs/


  • 1

    (training, repetition)
    práctica feminine
    (game) (before noun) de entrenamiento
    musicians must keep in practice los músicos tienen que practicar / ensayar continuamente
    • his serve needs more practice tiene que practicar más el saque
    • piano practice ejercicios de piano
    • target practice prácticas de tiro
    • practice teaching / (British) teaching practice prácticas de magisterio
    • practice session sesión de entrenamiento
    • Also, we wanted to determine whether modest practice would modify performance of either group.
    • It takes much skill and practice to churn out terracotta articles.
    • There was a ‘best dressed’ competition and lots of warm-up singing practice to kick the evening off.
    • Specifically military skills were acquired by actual practice and performance under supervision.
    • Having little practice in the gymnastic skills, which I was forced to learn during my training, I fell flat on my back.
    • Public speaking is a learned skill that requires practice, effort, and confidence building.
    • The major element in such transformation was repeated practice of close order drill.
    • It should be good practice for a repeat performance in March, when they go in front of the Commons' Culture Committee.
    • We have to ride close to the trees and hold our horses there to share the experience, which is good practice for our riding skills.
    • Like other skill development, intercultural skills are acquired through practice.
    • The purpose was to demonstrate that knowledge could be acquired easily but skills came with practice.
    • As with any skill, practice and repetition are the keys to confidence and competent performance.
    • One of a pair of identical twins was given a lot of early practice at a particular skill, such as crawling.
    • This game offers a great opportunity for practice of various motor skills.
    • They are skilled manipulators who lie with the proficiency of long practice.
    • Thus, additional practice and greater skill mastery is recommended in preparation for night diving activities.
    • Continued practice and performance should easily eliminate these.
    • In the weeks before a performance, practice can easily consume six hours a day.
    • Responsible believing is a skill that can be maintained only through constant practice.
    • She worked very very hard on developing her skills at swimming and put in a lot of practice and training before the Olympics.
  • 2

    • 2.1(carrying out, implementing)

      práctica feminine
      theory and practice la teoría y la práctica
      • to put sth into practice llevar algo a la práctica
      • a good idea, but it'll never work in practice una buena idea pero, en la práctica, no va a funcionar
      • He said some recommendations had been put into practice while others were being implemented.
      • We must again be aware of the gap between ideas and actual practice.
      • Each camp featured league play in two divisions, where the campers put into practice what they had learned throughout the week.
      • Unfortunately, it often appears that she is unable to get her free-market ideas put into practice.
      • Not only are they divisive, but they might actually either have to be put into practice, or they might have to be changed.
      • Army leaders at all levels should renew efforts to reduce the gap between stated beliefs and actual practice.
      • However, Elliott warns that it still needs to be evaluated before the theory is put into practice.
      • They worked hard, ran hard and trained hard, all the time trying to put into practice what their coaches were telling them.
      • The idea was put into practice last year but it was not until this term that it really took off.
      • As for the possibility of these suggestions being put into practice, that stage has not yet been reached.
      • In practice, most are expected to be set up as master trusts.
      • How does our habitual practice of everyday eugenics shape our view of the world and of creation?
      • In the challenge of his new role he found an opportunity to put into practice theories which had long been forming in his mind.
      • The third stage is actually to put into practice what we have heard and what we have contemplated.
      • The importance of this book lies in the fact that its author is concerned not just with ideas, but with actual practice.
      • There is no fancy stuff here; just straight accounting theory put into practice.
      • However, when lessons are learned in the abstract they are not as valuable as when put into practice, as we learned the very next day.
      • This is something that is far easier to state than to put into practice.
      • It sounds like a good idea but theory and practice can be very different, as we have seen all too often before in this industry.
      • How is he able to put into practice what he preached?

    • 2.2(exercise of profession)

      ejercicio masculine
      he's been in practice as a doctor/lawyer for 15 years hace 15 años que ejerce de / como doctor/abogado
      • he is in general practice se dedica a medicina general
      • In a statement he admitted he plans to return to medical practice.
      • He figured he could always incorporate his flair for comedy into his practice as doctor.
      • Until recently English courts have generally adopted the standard of accepted medical practice.
      • He is a barrister and solicitor of this court, and he carries on the practice of his profession at the City of London.
      • In good medical practice, the intention is to maximise the quality of life experienced by the patient.
      • Because of her focus on him, in her assessment of contemporary medical practice, she identifies the wrong problem.
      • Consideration should be given to removing the doctor from practice in such cases.
      • Once doctors entered practice, the profession was personally remunerative as well.
      • At present, the list of colleges where doctors can qualify to practice is legislated under the Health Insurance Act.
      • The urge to bring down the edifice of medical practice seems to me to indicate the extent to which our expectations have been brought down already.
      • After publication, he decided to leave anatomical research to take up medical practice.
      • I believe the most challenging aspect of all forms of medical practice is the need for, and the exercise of, judgment.
      • But the main thrust of correspondence focused on the future of a particular medical practice.
      • We documented the preferences of a range of patients within one hospital, with the aim of informing doctors' practice.
      • This problem will permeate every aspect of medical research and practice in the future.
      • The motives of the doctor and the wider context of medical practice just aren't relevant.
      • Once there the family found accommodation in Hindley Street where the doctor set up practice.
      • Suffice it to say that this has not been my experience of the last 15 years of medical practice.
      • The expansion of medical practice into the regulation of behaviour carries doctors beyond their sphere of expertise and competence.
      • It accords completely with the constitutional requirements met by most of medical practice.

  • 3

    (custom, procedure)
    costumbre feminine
    this is a common practice nowadays esta es una costumbre muy común hoy en día
    • we must respect their practices debemos respetar sus costumbres
    • that's the common practice in Spain eso es lo que se suele / se acostumbra hacer en España
    • it's our practice to take up references solemos / acostumbramos pedir referencias
    • it is not good commercial practice no es una práctica comercial recomendable
    • working practices métodos de trabajo
    • he made a practice of always consulting his subordinates tenía como norma consultar a sus subordinados
    • Woodrow Wilson instituted the modern practice of delivering it to congress in person.
    • The Federal Trade Commission handles complaints about deceptive or unfair business practices.
    • It is the universal practice in conveyancing that enquiries as to licences would have been made.
    • Conveyancing practice is plainly a matter within the knowledge of the courts.
    • It is now established practice for judges to quash a conviction while suggesting that the appellants are not necessarily innocent.
    • ‘The reason the magazine failed was not a failure of the message so much as lousy business practices,’ said Grace.
    • The businessmen also felt uncertain about the government's capability to enforce the law to ensure they were not hurt financially by unfair business practices.
    • The practice was possibly carried over from a similar arrangement in Massachusetts.
    • This practice would carry on through the Apollo, Mercury, and Gemini space programs.
    • A strict code of practice is followed when carrying these out to protect the interests of the young person.
    • That the appellant notary acted in accordance with the then general notarial practice does not seem to be contested.
    • Lobby your MP, otherwise our silence will allow this barbaric practice to carry on.
    • This conclusion is completely at odds with established legal practice and principles…
    • It is expected to identify practices, procedures, and guidelines that will aid faculties in developing students to their maximum potential.
    • The whiff of fraudulent business practices will linger.
    • ‘By ignoring ethical business practices, small businesses are missing a trick,’ he said.
    • We have been effective in changing cultural practices in businesses.
    • The point is to protect the consumer from predatory business practices.
    • He said admitting more patients for a short time was good medical practice, to allow doctors to make a diagnosis and provide treatment more quickly.
    • However, they have continued to carry out this practice and it's a continued difficulty.
    • The practice is expected to put huge strain on the state health budget.
    • With the help of scanning technology and just-in-time inventory systems, businesses changed their practices.
    • It's common practice for Hollywood to remake an old movie, but today's news must be some kind of record.
    • They also dealt with some topics on unethical practices in business.
    • Every morning the Indian flag is ceremonially hoisted on a central flagpole, an unusual practice for businesses here.
  • 4

    • 4.1Medicine

      consultorio masculine
      consulta feminine
      • But doctors claim many practices have been forced to change their booking systems to meet the targets.
      • A trail-blazing super care centre that would move three doctors' practices and a clinic to one site is a backwards step, health bosses were told.
      • And just like a doctors' practice, police hope the surgeries will prevent problems before they happen.
      • I have never been satisfied with this doctor's practice in the three years I have been there, and I really do intend to move.
      • Two of the groups consisted of doctors from different practices and one group comprised doctors from one practice.
      • Her reputation as a hardworking lawyer saw her practice grow, making her one of the five leading attorneys in Houston.
      • Of course, some are plagued by such problems due to family difficulties, but, according to a survey among doctors' practices, many are there simply because they are over-burdened.
      • A self-contained extension to the rear previously served as a doctor's practice.
      • Both I, and my sister's family, attend husband-and-wife doctors' practices.
      • It will call for improved career structures to be put in place to attract doctors to rural practices and for them to be given support to keep them in their jobs.
      • Missed appointments at one doctors' practice in Keighley are costing £60,000 a year in wasted time.
      • The doctor's practice in Settle has about 9,000 registered patients so we can't afford to be complacent.
      • When he was deputy governor he still ran his doctor's practice.
      • The only doctors' practice in Westbury is pressing ahead with plans to create three separate surgeries in the area.
      • While the name of only one doctor may appear on the contract, there may be other doctors sharing his practice.
      • When and if you intend to foist 3,580 patients on to doctors in other practices, what will their reaction be?
      • Qualitative data showed that patients generally supported the teaching of student doctors in their practice.
      • Our current building is the size now allowed for a two doctor, 4,000 patient practice, and clearly cannot cope.
      • He has now stopped his medical practice and is making use of his literary prowess to pen down useful material that is of some value to society.
      • He sold his house to keep his medical practice going while he was away.

    • 4.2Law

      bufete masculine
      estudio jurídico masculine Southern Cone

    • 4.3(of accountants)

      estudio contable masculine

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(rehearse)

      (piece/scales) practicar
      (act/song) ensayar

    • 1.2

      (language) practicar
      (kicks/tackles/serve) practicar
      I practiced my Greek on him aproveché para practicar griego con él

  • 2

    • 2.1

      (christianity/belief) practicar

    • 2.2(carry out, perform)

      he practiced a deception on us nos engañó
      • he practices black magic practica magia negra

    • 2.3

      (lawyer/doctor) ejercer
      to practice medicine ejercer la medicina
      • he practices law in London ejerce la abogacía en Londres

  • 3practicing present participle

    • 3.1

      (doctor/lawyer) en ejercicio (de su profesión)

    • 3.2

      (catholic) practicante

    • 3.3

      (homosexual) activo

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (rehearse, train)
  • 2

    to practice as a lawyer/doctor ejercer de / como abogado/médico