Translation of practise in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈpraktɪs//ˈpræktəs/

transitive and intransitive verb


  • 1

    • Kelly was keen to improve her breathing and practised her exercises diligently.
    • The young woman behind the counter in the office at Telegraph Cove down the coast was practising diplomacy on some disgruntled tourists when I arrived.
    • This is an idea spot for practising your skating skills.
    • For centuries astrologers have practised a technique of divination which relies on this same moment-by-moment interconnectedness of mind and universe.
    • But in the modern politics practised by the conservatives, campaign strategy has to be watched more closely.
    • If the purpose of practising Yoga is physical benefit, that is the level on which effects will be felt.
    • Most importantly, learners must have the opportunity to develop and practise skills that directly improve self directed learning.
    • This custom was not practised during the lifetime of the Buddha and it is not known when it was introduced in south-east Asia.
    • Young bikers are dicing with death by practising their skills on a piece of wasteland.
    • I spend a lot of time practising the skills I need to survive under water, and this is important in ensuring that you have the correct mental attitude.
    • The system may be consigned to the past, but there are still people alive who practise discrimination and people who were hurt by it; that is not going to disappear overnight.
    • The fearless teenager is practising his mountain unicycling skills in preparation for a charity ride.
    • The former playgroup leader has been practising the discipline for 13 years and is now a professional Tai Chi teacher.
    • He has a day job as a human resources manager in York, but by night and weekends he and his business partner practise techniques to train horses with alternative treatments.
    • He accused the Fisheries Department of trying to prevent his people from practising their traditions and culture.
    • It is a custom practised by thousands of people from various parts of South Africa and reflects their heritage and their pride in who they are.
    • So, we have an author who has been writing (i.e. practising his skills) for well over twenty years, and a writer who is quite smart enough to do his research.
    • Having practised the discipline since the age of 15, Rebecca is used to gruelling training routines.
    • In my teenage years I practised certain evil habits, of which I am too ashamed even to make mention.
    • In response, he skipped school for ten straight days so he could practise and improve his skills.
    • Behavioural data from the United Kingdom are consistent with this view, although equally many people, especially young people, are practising safe sex.
    • Then, in pairs, we practise ball skills, with the emphasis on making your partner stretch and sprint for the ball, placing it at random.
    • Activists stymied the justice system and the business world by practising the politics of ethnic grievance.
    • Gill has worked in the area for the past five years but has been practising her design skills for around 20 years.
    • For many, driving off road will be a new experience and, if it's to be a regular activity, driving courses are available to practise the required skills.
    • Sexual partners will be more vulnerable if they practise unsafe sex than if their activities are low risk.
    • The event, and its proceeds, is meant to help farmers who practise traditional farming methods.
    • Smaller pieces of material will be available for visitors to Barley Hall to have a go at practising their needlework skills while the project is under way.
    • I come away after losing and work out exactly what went wrong - I plan and plot and practise and put it right.
    • Jack was still practising his speech-writing skills.
    • Unable to sit still, Olivia rose to her feet and walked the length of the terrace, practising the calming exercises Ben had taught her.
    • At a recent health check-up, my GP suggested that I would benefit from practising deep-breathing exercises to calm me down and generally improve my health.
    • The custom was practised locally but not recognised by the company but some of the apprentices said they had been unaware of this.
    • First the Buddha practised an exercise in breath control, which involved retaining the breath for longer and longer periods of time.
    • Therefore, while the results of your education should stay with you forever, skills that are not practised are usually soon lost.
    • When this is the purpose, one practises constantly and vigorously.
    • Today, according to the Third World Network, conservation agriculture is practised in about 58 million hectares.
    • Only a society that practised the customs could decide if they needed review.
    • Do other boroughs practise such discrimination?
    • Racers across Chippenham are busy practising their flipping skills this week in the run up to the town's annual pancake showdown on Tuesday.