Translation of practised in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈpraktɪst//ˈpræktəst/



  • 1

    • She wants to gall her rival and does it with malicious and practised expertise.
    • I continue to believe that foxes must be controlled and that this is best served by the practiced and experienced gamekeeper and farmer.
    • The thief was as thin as a willow branch and cut open the bulging purses with the ease and dexterity of a practiced and experienced thief.
    • Just as he's an expert guide through the between-spaces of the city, so he's a practised navigator through different psychic spaces.
    • Together these two men have a ton of movie and television experience and they move with the practiced ease of true professionals.
    • He knew this was a very practiced and trained crew of men.
    • It provides complex sensations that let practiced users tunnel through multiple menus without looking at the display.
    • A practiced knitter might be able to add to these observations.
    • After all, the amateur investigator is bound to make mistakes, and needs the corrective hand of those who have continuous experience and a practiced skill.
    • At first glance the crevice seemed natural, but then his skilled eye noted that it was just too neat and had been carefully hewn by practiced, adept hands.
    • Each approaches the material with the practiced ease of a veteran, and the result is a pair of three-dimensional characters.
    • Then, with the practiced thoroughness of an experienced computer hacker, she created and deployed a stealth-virus program.
    • This shows us the tremendous speed that comes with a technique applied by a skilled and practiced man functioning at an unconscious competence level.
    • Like a practised wine taster, she swilled the dark liquid around in her mouth then swallowed.
    • There were none of the self-conscious, practiced movements of veterans of the catwalk.
    • The gags almost seem muted by the technical proficiency of a practiced master of cinema.
    • The public service role of television news at the time of a major accident is fairly obvious and the private news channels now slip into it in a practised way.
    • At school I was quite the womaniser, sending and receiving Valentine's cards with the practised air of a seasoned gigolo.
    • From such early beginnings she has developed a practised eye for what will sell.
    • He is a practised master at the art of schmoozing the media.