Translation of prairie in Spanish:


pradera, n.

Pronunciation /ˈprɛːri//ˈprɛri/


  • 1

    pradera feminine
    llanura feminine
    the prairie(s) la Pradera
    • Limestone prairie habitat in Pennsylvania is seriously threatened.
    • Thermal conditions in the previous year were strongly associated with grasshopper abundance in this oldfield prairie.
    • Numbers have been greatly reduced in the Canadian prairies for this very reason.
    • My friend and I have just come upon a picturesque farmhouse on a rolling prairie.
    • Over 90 percent of our native prairies has been plowed under or grazed away.
    • In that place we had an open prairie not far from our house.
    • Other populations of Sioux are to be found in the prairie provinces of Canada.
    • Sedge meadow was distinguished from wet prairie by having more than half its dominants as sedge family species.
    • The campus itself boasts 6800 acres of open water, fields, deciduous forests, restored prairie, and wetlands.
    • Prairie pothole marshes were present in two small prairie potholes that often dry completely in the summer.
    • The Canadian prairie is one of the most productive wheat fields in the world.
    • In fact, he spends much of his free time walking through the wet prairies near his home.
    • In the prairie pothole region of the United States, blackbirds damage ripening sunflower crops.
    • The redevelopment will restore prairie and riparian corridors within new city parks and open space.
    • As a young woman she worked job to job, to help her parents make their prairie farm a home.
    • Both originated on our vast wind-swept prairies for good reason.
    • Hazy purple horizons, the norm on these rolling prairies, stretched away in all directions.
    • With these they are able to dramatise plains, prairies, steppes and meadows.
    • They're not unlike the rolling prairies he sings of.
    • In 1708, the area around their towns consisted of open oak woodlands, savannas, and prairies.