Translation of pram in Spanish:


cochecito, n.

Pronunciation /præm//pram/



  • 1

    cochecito masculine
    • Not only are you doubling the size of your family in one fell swoop, just think of all the extra clothes and nappies, cots and that triple road train sized pram.
    • Sure enough, it was time to upgrade our (perfectly fine) one seater pram to something that would accommodate TWO kids.
    • The device would fit all sizes of pram or buggy, including three-wheelers, and was compact enough to fit into the overhead lockers on aeroplanes.
    • These buses are designed with the whole community in mind and have low floors for easy access and wheelchair and pram access when required.
    • He said he only asked them to move their cars if they were parked on the pavement so a wheelchair or pram could get through.
    • The people we've had so far seem most interested in the train sets and the construction sets, but my personal favourite is the old dolls' pram.
    • It is not the cyclist, dog walkers, pram pushers, joggers or other users.
    • If I hadn't had that pram in the hall, I would never have written anything.
    • Mums are queuing up to get their hands on a classically designed pram favoured by royals and celebrities.
    • Everywhere you turned, there was stuff - pram, suitcase, kite, books, travel cot, wellies.
    • However, it is a good idea to help your baby learn the difference between being asleep and being awake by putting him in a cot or pram when he is asleep, and moving him into another room, with company, when he wakes.
    • Favourite toys in my childhood were dolls and a dolls' pram.
    • He said motorbikes and other motorised vehicles would be prohibited from using the route but the scheme would be wheelchair and pram friendly.
    • They also spoil the environment for cyclists, horse riders, walkers, pram pushers, dog walkers, picnickers, joggers et al.
    • He has thrown the toys out of everyone else's pram and made sure they land in his.
    • John has attached old pram wheels to a wooden box so he can move easily among the raspberry canes without crippling his knees.
    • And once the gates have gone, what about the paths beyond - or will they all be cemented over in case pram wheels get stuck in the mud.
    • Their special triplet pram turns heads, and one passing woman was so surprised when she saw the three little girls she dropped the pie she was eating.
    • It may be an old bike; a surplus vacuum cleaner you don't know how to get rid of; a child's pram; or an old computer terminal or keyboard.
    • But now, the gate at the entrance to a public footpath has gone - because the city council feared it was restricting pram and pushchair users as well as wheelchair users.