Translation of prattle in Spanish:


cotorrear, v.

Pronunciation: /ˈprat(ə)l//ˈprædl/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (adult) cotorrear informal
    (adult) chacharear informal
    (child) balbucear
    he prattled on endlessly about his problems estuvo horas dale que te dale hablando de sus problemas informal
    • The automatic writing prattled on like this at length, interrupted by neither full stop nor comma and driven by a rhyme scheme that might politely be described as random but which did not seem especially Japanese in origin.
    • He was being falsely modest afterward, prattling on about how there was an element of good fortune to it, but that's a nonsense.
    • I won't even delve into the confusion between solitude and the ‘modern malaise’ of feeling lonely, which I've prattled on about before.
    • Their companions nodded sagely in agreement as they prattled on.
    • For ages I've been prattling on about telephony being just an application that lives on a mobile data-linked device, and that everyone's too hung up on the concept of ‘a phone’.
    • Everyone keeps on prattling on about how deep it was.
    • In the real world, if you're prattling about stuff people don't want to talk about, you'll annoy them.
    • I just nodded politely while she prattled on until the vet called us in.
    • After she'd finished prattling away, I succinctly, and rather puzzled said, ‘Uh… what?’
    • I understand if you don't want an annoying chatterbox prattling away in your ear while you eat.
    • It's been said that you don't know what hell is until you've had an insurance salesman in your living room, prattling on eternally about term life annuities.
    • There was a man prattling in French to a woman at the next table.
    • The report prattles on gormlessly: ‘We cannot build our way out of the problems we face on our road networks.’
    • I went back to her, held her hand and prattled away for a little while.
    • She is still powerful, prattling and perfectly potty but there is something missing.
    • I don't want it to be diluted by prattling around with this kind of nonsense!
    • You probably think that I've just been prattling away aimlessly on these pages for the past three and a half years, immune to the vagaries of the wonderful world of weblogs.
    • Successive governments have prattled on at length about the importance of this for our economy and for our businesses.
    • I spent the first part of the session prattling on about this week's dramas.
    • Nobody prattled about dormitory suburbs, or objected to people drinking on the footpath outside the pubs.


  • 1

    (of adult) cháchara feminine informal
    (of child) balbuceo masculine
    (of child) parloteo masculine informal