Translation of preach in Spanish:


predicar, v.

Pronunciation /pritʃ//priːtʃ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    to preach the Gospel predicar el Evangelio
    • to preach a sermon dar un sermón
    • I heard ministers preaching Christ but what right had I to believe in Him?
    • In a sermon that I preached to my home congregation, I noted this.
    • But let's say that the book is a collection of sermons preached at that church.
    • He was also a lay reader in the Church of England and preached regularly.
    • Would you like me to preach in your church on the sanctity of human life?
    • They adopted local idiom and preached the message of love and universal brotherhood.
    • He is said to have delivered 18,000 sermons, preaching 40-60 hours a week.
    • You preach some messages that are pretty uncomfortable for people to hear-messages people have heard often, but not necessarily taken to heart.
    • On the eve of the American Revolution about 1,800 Christian ministers preached from their pulpits.
    • John, a contemporary of Jesus who also preached a message of redemption, is one of the most important figures in Christianity.
    • So Peter was the first to preach a message unto Gentile believers.
    • His sermons, when he preaches, are modest and open.
    • Paul, an early convert to Christianity, preached mainly to Gentiles outside Palestine.
    • In 1748 he gave protection to John Wesley after he tried to preach his message standing on the packhorse bridge.
    • If someone from among them was raised to heaven, it cannot stop the following prophets from preaching these beliefs.
    • Sikhism preaches a message of devotion and remembrance of God at all times, truthful living, equality of mankind, social justice and denounces superstitions and blind rituals.
    • He preached a universal message, love of God and love of brother, which was beyond any sectarianism or selfishness.
    • The message must be preached within the larger context of the biblical framework of God's holiness.
    • He later became Bishop of Hippo where he preached powerfully for 35 years.
    • They gave little encouragement to country dancing, often preaching strong sermons against it off the altar.
    • And one of the early sermons I preached, I alluded to this light and how our faith is about light and the life and the love of God within the community.
    • Our pastor preaches a sermon each week that is nearly always inspirational, relevant, comforting, educational and challenging.
    • Stories have been repeatedly told about ranting, raving Baptist preachers who only preach sermons on hell and damnation.
    • Rumors reach Jerusalem that Paul was preaching to the Gentiles in the far-flung corners of the Roman Empire.
    • There are many today who do not preach the true gospel of Jesus Christ.
    • During the morning Harvest Festival service, I found myself thinking that my sermon had an uncomfortable similarity to the previous year's Harvest sermon I had preached in that church.
    • The newly re-born legend soon featured as the centrepiece of a series of patriotic sermons preached in parish churches across England.
    • The church needs to recover the Jesus who lived before Christians imposed an alien creed on his life and teachings, the Jesus who preached a message of love of the God who created not just one group but all human beings.
    • India has preached this message of love for over fifty centuries.
    • It was a parable that preached the message of humility and was met by sustained applause.
    • Don't just sit here and preach from the pulpit.
    • Pastors preach against such beliefs and expectations in village churches on a weekly basis.
    • Most religious nutballs that appear to be hate-mongers claim they are preaching a message of love.
    • Results of missions could not be measured by the numbers of sermons preached or members added to church rosters, but by the way missionaries lived and mirrored Jesus Christ in their daily lives.
    • They started preaching in mosques and on market squares.
    • Every religion preaches that the essence of all morality is to do good to others.
    • Yet the former evangelical minister often preaches love and understanding during his political rallies.
    • Because of this ministry, ministers across the nation can preach the Christian message to a culture that has been taught that the Bible cannot be trusted.
  • 2

    (ideas/doctrine) preconizar
    he's always preaching its virtues siempre está proclamando sus virtudes
    • Very few people can actually bear to be nihilists; very few people can preach a message of paralysis and despair for long.
    • ‘The accused preaches a message of hate and violence,’ he said.
    • We run a business, not a re-education camp, so we don't preach the co-operative gospel to people.
    • Her children are her lifeline, and she constantly preaches togetherness to them.
    • I've been around for years, preaching the same message.
    • For as long as I've known you, you've always preached the virtue of consistency.
    • I appeal to communities in the Eastern Cape to form safety community networks and preach a message of dignity and respect for women.
    • As much as they preached the message of prevention they failed to have women change their attitude.
    • They also preach tolerance of others with different beliefs.
    • It preaches a powerful message about losing one's identity when blindly following the leadership of an unknown, unhinged superior.
    • I'm somebody who often, like so many people, preaches what he needs to learn.
    • Let's unite and preach that message loud and clear and consistently.
    • Now he was free to preach his message to larger groups of people.
    • Then they swung 180-degrees to oppose it, aligning themselves with other environmental groups preaching the same message.
    • Everyone from the top down had preached the same message: ‘change your behaviour… change your behaviour’.
    • It preaches a message of racism, intolerance and brutality that flies in the face of this country's history and heritage.
    • In common with religion, German Romanticism used allegory to preach its message.
    • Seek out television, radio, and print opportunities to preach the message of nondiscrimination.
    • He has preached the same message from Day One - he wants them to be the toughest, meanest group in the NFL.
    • Then came major corporations that tried to erect a central stage to make the Internet a platform to preach their own messages.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (deliver sermon)
  • 2derogatory

    (give advice)
    dar un sermón
    to preach to/at sb dar(le) un sermón a algn derogatory
    • He viewed him then as ‘the stereotype of a head waiter’ who preached at them ‘like a division chaplain in the army’.
    • I have never ever preached at them, but I have given them my opinion where they have asked for it.
    • They constantly preach about the moral failings of the rest of us - yet they keep getting caught with their own pants down, morally speaking.
    • I preached at myself to avoid preaching to my reader.
    • And achieving that without resorting to preaching about moral values isn't easy.
    • It neither preached at me, nor thought for me, but asked me to make up my own mind.
    • He appeared not to care, and worse, preached self-righteousness without knowing why.
    • So, all in all, I think he had a great opportunity, but didn't do more than just preach the message.
    • How did I end up constantly feeling angry, cheated, and misled for paying good money to be preached at?
    • I'm not looking to be preached at, hectored or lectured in any way.
    • Fellows do not learn values from having them preached at them, but from seeing values enacted in the routine of daily life.
    • They prefer to be shown a truth rather than told, just as adults do, to discover a moral lesson on their own rather than having it preached at them.
    • Working class kids are the most policed, preached at and controlled group in society.
    • They do think they are so right and preach constantly.
    • Many of the kids will eventually rebel against all the stuff preached at them, however.