Translation of preamplifier in Spanish:


preamplificador, n.

Pronunciation /priːˈamplɪfʌɪə//priˈæmpləˌfaɪər/


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    preamplificador masculine
    • The seismic components of vocalizations were filtered and amplified separately from the acoustic signals to compensate for not having a preamplifier for the geophones.
    • An amplifier probe hybridizes to a preamplifier forming a branched DNA complex and generating enough signal sites to be detected directly after labeling.
    • Electric signals were measured on a set-up described previously, with the modification that a very low-noise homemade current preamplifier was used.
    • The microphone signal was amplified by a low-noise preamplifier and was processed by a two-phase lock-in amplifier.
    • To start with, you need a turntable or tape deck, a stereo preamplifier or integrated amp, a computer with a line-in audio jack (most desktops qualify, many laptops don't), and cables to hook them together.
    • Placing the preamplifiers as close to the detectors as possible minimizes the output impedance for driving further stages.
    • The cover has a surface thermally coupled to the preamplifier to conduct heat from the preamplifier.
    • If you're interested in one of these link leads (contains a preamplifier and speaker, does not require a battery), and/or VHF and UHF radios to suit, give me a call or email.
    • These antennas contain preamplifiers providing gain levels of 26 dB (standard gain) and 35 dB (high gain).
    • We generally call the first stage the preamplifier, though it may be the only amplification stage.
    • It is possible for the preamplifier to saturate on a strong signal and produce intermodulation products that degrade reception on adjacent channels.
    • Microphone preamplifiers seem to come in two flavors these days: modern designs with lots of bells and whistles (such as EQ, dynamics and A / D converters) and vintage designs, which tend to take a more minimalist approach.
    • In 1960, the concept of combining a mic/line preamplifier, low- and high-frequency equalizer, and an echo send into one small module that used only one connector was revolutionary.
    • It adds an essential component: the decoder, which also serves as a preamplifier that can make audio adjustments and also select from among several sound sources.
    • The present invention uses a novel shock-sensing method that is both reliable and low-cost, using a modified head preamplifier to detect servo fields from adjacent disk surfaces, as well as the disk surface being written or read.
    • This makes it suitable for audio applications, including audio amplifiers and preamplifiers, home entertainment system, mixing desks and audio recording equipment.