Translation of prearrange in Spanish:


concertar de antemano, v.

Pronunciation /ˌpriəˈreɪn(d)ʒ//priːəˈreɪndʒ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (arrange in advance)
    concertar de antemano
    acordar de antemano
    • Several weblogs are currently discussing whether some of the questions asked of him in his recent press conference were prearranged.
    • It seemed to him that the ground was prearranged into a form of complex geometry.
    • There were no prearranged window displays or huge posters of the author.
    • One becomes dependent on easy, prearranged generic comparisons.
    • The first prize winner will tour the U.S. in a series of more than 20 concerts prearranged by the Chopin Foundation.
    • People seeing such demonstrations for the first time invariably thought that they were prearranged gymnastics rather than real wrestling.
    • One prearranged group of gnomes formed lines along the fences to keep out any unexpected visitors, and the rest huddled together under a large tree, in order to hold a public meeting.
    • Marriages were arranged by close friends or relatives or were prearranged by the bride's parents when she was still a child.
    • New songs are copied from the larger machine, and prearranged ensembles of favorite tracks transfer over in the same order.
    • The actors insulted the hosts who had prearranged scripts with brilliant replies.
    • First, both parties entering the process commit to selecting counsel who willingly bind themselves to prearranged ground rules.
    • Often the service is voluntary, but sometimes it is prearranged as part of a class.
    • You can also be sure that all those prearranged hydraulic hoses are better made and cleaner than the one made in the middle of the night when the production clock is ticking.
    • Students practice basics and prearranged two man drills, but the opponent is expected to be cooperative.
    • She hated thing to be orderly; prearranged objects seemed cold and stubborn.
    • Press stories often feature individuals who have already purchased their own coffins, or who have prearranged their own disposal.
    • They were prearranged to take in the same victuals as animals like the elephant, deer and rabbit.
    • Then, by prearranging the steps, leave cards and clues, each one leading to the next, until you end up at the final destination.
    • Receptor stimulation produced no change in receptor density, which suggests that the receptors are prearranged into signalling islands.
    • Both the agent and a case officer would go to prearranged electronic letter drop sites at a predetermined time.
  • 2prearranged past participle

    (meeting) concertado de antemano
    (signal/place/time) convenido