Translation of precede in Spanish:


preceder a, v.

Pronunciation /prɪˈsiːd//prəˈsid/

transitive verb


  • 1

    (in time, space)
    preceder a
    anteceder a
    in the months preceding the invasion en los meses que precedieron / antecedieron a la invasión
    • dismissal must be preceded by a warning el despido debe ir precedido de un aviso
    • the King was preceded by his courtiers el rey iba precedido de sus cortesanos
    • Indeed, modesty is now almost invariably preceded by the word " false".
    • The third box begins with a new image or detail that resembles a lead and precedes the bulk of the narrative.
    • They were heading towards the oasis that preceded the valley that lead to the mines.
    • There is a real fear that his lack of form could be affecting those that precede him in the batting order.
    • Patients nearly always have multiple renal cysts, which usually precede development of liver cysts.
    • This period of warm winters was immediately preceded by a period of unusually cold winters.
    • There is a complete biography for virtually every artist, and each section is preceded by an introductory essay.
    • He contextualizes the work in a well-documented essay that precedes 128 pages of photographs.
    • In other words, pages 3 and 4 must follow - not precede - pages 1 and 2.
    • So the relevant exports took place in the six months immediately preceding the imposition of that total ban.
    • Still, I drew it on the page immediately preceding the most killer page in the whole book.
    • The specification proper is preceded by a three page End User License Agreement, in small type.
    • She was preceded in death by her husband and is survived by two daughters.
    • One witness reported hearing an explosion precede the fire.
    • Film directors and community representatives will be in attendance at numerous film screenings, and public forums will precede various films.
    • Elections are won and lost not in the four weeks of campaigning but in the long battle of ideas that precedes them.
    • Immigrants see their lives as chapters in a larger family narrative that precedes and follows their own.
    • Otherwise, editing is limited to a brief introduction preceding each selection.
    • Given the gory, carnage strewn 250-plus pages that precede that statement, the reader can only nod dumbly in agreement.
    • What has been done in most cases has been simply to select the first page of them showing the date of assent, preceded, of course, by the prorogation.
    • Just because an event preceded another event does not mean that it was a cause.
    • The acute presentation is often preceded by years of nondescript gastrointestinal symptoms.
    • They precede adjectives: many clever people, not clever many people; my poor friend, not poor my friend.
    • The cartilage attack is often preceded by days or weeks of fever, fatigue and weight loss.
    • Symptoms of the common cold usually precede onset.
    • In the period immediately preceding the war, 70 percent of the Polish population opposed any sort of participation.
    • In personal interactions, social bonding typically precedes business matters or requests for help.
    • He did not consider the developments that directly preceded the beginning of the war.
    • A clear and vivid mental picture must always precede the actual picture on paper.
    • What typically precedes what we call an action is an intention.
    • Experiment 2 included a preceding context in order to fix the referent of the target word and to exclude singular interpretations.
    • The numbered ducks had been on sale for £1 each in the weeks preceding the event.
    • Avoid headings that cause you to cross behind and below the preceding aircraft in order to avoid turbulence.
    • Once you've displayed a page, you can view the two pages preceding or following.
    • Their culture is of prehistoric origin and precedes the arrival of Hinduism to Bali.
    • From there it goes into the long samurai history, each chapter preceded with a page of settings and players to fully set the scene.
    • However, all that is preceded by a chapter by the editor setting out chronologically the events of the cases.
    • The sound resembles a war cry and always precedes their appearance.
    • There was no mention in the evidence of any explosion preceding this observation.
    • The film concentrates on the years immediately preceding the performance of what was to be Barrie's last work, in 1904.
  • 2

    tener prioridad sobre
    tener precedencia sobre

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (come before)
  • 2preceding present participle

    (day/year) anterior
    (chapter/paragraph/page) anterior
    (page/chapter/paragraph) precedente