Translation of precedence in Spanish:


precedencia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈprɛsɪd(ə)ns//prɪˈsiːd(ə)ns//ˈprɛsədəns//priˈsidns/


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    precedencia feminine
    a problem which takes precedence over all others un problema que tiene prioridad / precedencia sobre todos los demás
    • dukes have precedence over earls los duques tienen precedencia sobre los condes
    • precedence will be given to season ticket holders se dará preferencia / precedencia a los abonados
    • in order of precedence en orden de precedencia
    • And that is the profit imperative taking precedence over everything else.
    • For most of them the interests of the established Church took precedence over sentimental attachment to the Stuart dynasty.
    • So nuances of gravel and green olive took precedence over plums and berries.
    • But almost as soon as he arrived in England, Philip was accorded precedence over Mary.
    • He believes that the Bible's authority takes absolute precedence over man's opinions.
    • Russian laws were given precedence over laws passed by the Finnish Diet.
    • He felt that an individual's character took precedence over what they looked like.
    • But the urge to entertain took precedence over basic common sense.
    • Their needs were always paramount in his thoughts and took precedence over everything else in his life.
    • For a glorious few minutes at Knock Airport on Friday evening, the humble bike took precedence over the big plane.
    • The profit of the nation took absolute precedence over the companies.
    • This new possibility took precedence over the offer he had been preparing to make the others.
    • Getting things done properly took precedence over getting them done quickly.
    • It was a war in which close air support and interdiction often took precedence over strategic attack.
    • These skills took precedence over more craft-based or manufacturing work skills.
    • If it becomes, in effect, a European Union constitution, it will take legal precedence over our own.
    • However, on their last album before this, silence took precedence over noise.
    • Should property rights be given precedence over human rights or society's need to protect nature?
    • Power generation was given precedence because thermal power was in great demand in summer.
    • The new popular context of images took precedence over the origin of the representation.