Translation of precision in Spanish:


precisión, n.

Pronunciation /prɪˈsɪʒ(ə)n//prəˈsɪʒən/


  • 1

    precisión feminine
    (tool/instrument) (before noun) de precisión
    precision bombing bombardeo de precisión masculine
    • precision engineering ingeniería de precisión
    • precision timing sincronización
    • It was Townsend who supplied a precision flick on to Cormac Mullins who saw his point blank shot saved by the Tullow keeper.
    • But there will always be the need for the precision tool, designed and prepared for a specific scenario.
    • Careful craftsmanship goes into the precision manufacturing of each nozzle orifice.
    • It just looks like it might actually be fun to use, even though it is a precision instrument.
    • Meehan could only blast over from the left hand side of the box after Ferguson slid a precision pass through to him.
    • By then, Cooke was established as a precision engineer of genius.
    • They would have had to smuggle in the precision machine tools necessary for new centrifuges.
    • Even so-called precision bombing is only as accurate as the intelligence that guides it.
    • The ability to take out precision targets in urban environments will be critical in future conflicts.
    • Now even more airshow fans will be able to see the precision aerobatics.
    • You wouldn't know that beneath her stripy shirt lurk stomach muscles which appear to have been carved from ebony with precision tools.
    • Clint Stoerner swings his arm, flexing the muscles which will have to deliver a precision pass in the face of extraordinary pressure.
    • Bullet molds are precision instruments, and must be used and stored carefully.
    • It took a team of three technicians to coordinate the lasers and rotate the accelerator, using lasers to guide it to a precision hit.
    • The accident-prone insurance industry is at it again, falling flat on its face with the precision timing of slapstick comedy.
    • Torque wrenches are precision instruments and need to treated and operated carefully.