Translation of predate in Spanish:


ser anterior a, v.

Pronunciation /priˈdeɪt//priːˈdeɪt/

transitive verb


  • 1

    ser anterior a
    • This nomadic lifestyle long pre-dates the famine and in pre-conquest Gaelic Ireland, society was largely a mobile one as people moved cattle about and serviced those who moved cattle.
    • The finding of a common set of genetic markers in both Ashkenazi and Sephardi Cohanim worldwide clearly indicates an origin pre-dating the separate development of the two communities around 1000 CE.
    • It dates back for thirty or forty thousand years pre-dating all world religions.
    • This particular patch of green is the oldest jungle on the planet, pre-dating the extinction of the dinosaurs by 35 million years.
    • The language of their movement clearly pre-dated this century.
    • With just his guitar and a four-track tape machine, he conceived the stark sounding, tormented soul of Nebraska, pre-dating the alt-country movement by a good 10 years.
    • They thought its unusual burial scene - pre-dating the Egyptian practice of mummification - was a fake because it was ‘too good to be true’.
    • It is one of the oldest ball games, pre-dating soccer and rugby, and is played with 15 players per side.
    • The demolition would clear the site despite the fact that the cottage, which pre-dates the viaduct and is typical of traditional development at Waterside, appeared to be in sound condition and capable of redevelopment.
    • More surprisingly, much of the modern church and adjacent holy well sit on underground cisterns that clearly pre-date them, and appear to be of Byzantine date.
    • What that shows is that there is a natural global low frequency electromagnetic signal pre-dating life on earth, so we have evolved in the presence of this signal.
    • Founded in 1608, it is the oldest on the continent, and has many of the touches that Europe takes for granted - city walls, cobbled streets, and a history that pre-dates your grandfather.
    • Zhang claims to have harvested more than 20 stone patterns appearing to match crop circle formations from other countries, but pre-dating them by up to 3,000 years.
    • The show had well passed its sell by date (it pre-dated Showboat on Broadway, where it opened the Ziegfeld Theatre).
    • Prosecutors said the committee had approved applicants who presented forged honours that carried dates pre-dating the actual creation of the vaunted title.
  • 2

    (document/letter) antedatar formal
    (document/letter) poner una fecha anterior en