Translation of predatory pricing in Spanish:

predatory pricing

fijación de precios predatorios, n.


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    fijación de precios predatorios feminine
    • His company was in a vulnerable position because it had been subject to predatory pricing over several months.
    • He said that predatory pricing is a short-term strategy that does not deliver sustainable price competition but on the contrary it is designed to reduce competition.
    • While any company could, in theory, choose to engage in predatory pricing, only a monopolist with access to significant capital reserves or to the capital market could do so with any hope of success.
    • A wide variety of business practices can run afoul of Section 2, including everything from forcing business partners to sign exclusive contracts to predatory pricing.
    • If we don't have the protection of the ban on below-cost selling, people can move in to predatory pricing, out-manoeuvring local retailers, who have invested in their communities.
    • He said it was using profits from other routes to subsidise loss-making services: ‘There is an argument that this is predatory pricing.’
    • If a business offers free products in an effort to significantly reduce or eliminate competition, it will likely be found guilty of predatory pricing.