Translation of predecessor in Spanish:


predecesor, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpridəˌsɛsər//ˈprɛdəˌsɛsər//ˈpriːdɪsɛsə/


  • 1

    predecesor masculine
    predecesora feminine
    • If they are as harsh in judging us as we are in judging our predecessors, then we will certainly be condemned.
    • In this context comparisons to his great predecessor in office do not seem to me absurd.
    • Very few composers in this period have wasted time in crowing over the internal contradictions of their predecessors.
    • However, the manner in which his predecessors vacated the manager's office has left a bitter taste in some quarters.
    • As such, she may be given the second chance denied to her predecessors.
    • Goldie provides an interesting contrast with her predecessor when it comes to people skills.
    • Our predecessors, as journalists and readers, were far less squeamish.
    • Some might say the big screen, as much as anything else, contributed to his predecessor's downfall.
    • Watching it all will be his predecessor, currently holed up in Australia, unable to get back home.
    • Just over three years ago, one of Father Marvin's predecessors was assaulted by a woman demanding money.
    • Her predecessor had apparently turned her office into a cosy front room, complete with a fireplace.
    • When I started this job my predecessor left me a guide which I referred to constantly for the first few weeks.
    • Critics say he is more militant than his predecessor.
    • Harrigan's predecessors helped establish corporate governance as a force for change.
    • Unlike the majority of their predecessors, the officials were on the whole rather fair.
    • Yes, the current York City chairman and his predecessor are very different men.
    • I also found out that my female predecessors were of pioneering stock.