Translation of predicative in Spanish:


predicativo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈprɛdəˌkeɪdɪv//prɪˈdɪkətɪv//ˈprɛdəkədɪv/


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    • Some adjectives are predicative only, as with afraid, loath, and aware in: Your brother is afraid of them, My friends seem loath to interfere, The manager became aware of her attitude.
    • When an adjective follows a form of be (or a few other verbs which I don't want to talk about), it is known as a predicative adjective.
    • Humphreys emphasizes that fusion is a ‘real physical operation, not a mathematical or logical operation on predicative representations of properties.’
    • ‘Fast’ and ‘big’ are what Geach has called attributive adjectives; ‘brown’ is called a predicative adjective.
    • So, just as the existential and predicative uses are not unrelated, neither are the predicative, identity, and generic implication uses unrelated.
    • In contrast to Aristotle, Brentano emphasizes the importance of existential judgements with only one term, and claims that predicative judgements are a special case of existential ones.
    • These effects can be explained if we consider more closely the function of attributive and predicative adjectives.