Translation of predispose in Spanish:


predisponer, v.

Pronunciation /ˌpridəˈspoʊz//ˌpriːdɪˈspəʊz/

transitive verb


  • 1

    to predispose sb to sth predisponer a algn a algo
    • to predispose sb to + inf/-ing predisponer a algn a + inf
    • Since we are predisposed to like the actor, it's easier to connect with the man he is portraying.
    • Further, our training predisposes us to conduct our research as scholars of particular nation-states or regions.
    • But new research has shown that we are predisposed to err in selecting who to live with.
    • If people begin honest dialogues with others they are predisposed to trust, they might be less inclined to take a hard-line position in the broader gun debate.
    • All three agreed that it is difficult to lead the masses anywhere - unless they are predisposed to head in that direction anyways.
    • What matters is that language is so important to us that we are predisposed to detect it.
    • Being a woman helps me to win - women have certain personality traits that predispose them to be good poker players.
    • While I would be predisposed to nominate a female candidate, I can't speak for everyone.
    • It predisposed him to fear that he was a heretic at heart, and yet to glory in that.
    • Much as I was predisposed to dislike him, and much as I wanted to, I left with a warm feeling for him personally and know I would have enjoyed talking with him at greater length.
    • As a group, then, we were predisposed to cross boundaries and become collaborators.
    • Should everybody know what diseases they are predisposed to suffer from in old age?
    • And each of us is responsible for the consequences of his own sins, in spite of the fact that we are predisposed to commit them.
    • Ulrich Neisser, for instance, argued that we are predisposed to recognise a common ‘personhood’ or ‘intersubjectivity’ when we encounter other human beings.
    • He argues that because of the small numbers of people killed we are predisposed to refer to the outcome as murder rather than war.
    • But I suspect that, even if it has, you will favour the evidence that supports your point of view - and believe in the evidence you are predisposed to believe in.
    • The gene has been found to make redheads more sensitive to ultraviolet light, which is why they burn more easily in the sun, and it predisposes them to skin cancer.