Translation of preemptive in Spanish:


preventivo, adj.

Pronunciation /prɪˈɛmptɪv//priˈɛmptɪv/


  • 1

    (strike/attack) preventivo
    • Meanwhile, if the latest Labour Court initiative fails, the government will take pre-emptive and decisive action against the strikers.
    • Some local residents advocate pre-emptive privatization of degraded communal lands to protect these areas from municipal encroachment.
    • They essentially amounted to a crude pre-emptive strike designed to forestall any leadership challenge and the natural targets were those with whom he has crossed swords in the past.
    • His speech was a pre-emptive strike designed to prevent opponents from exploiting the war issue.
    • Nevertheless, credit card companies have been taking pre-emptive action for some time, which should go some way towards addressing the problem.
    • ‘We see it as a non-violent, pre-emptive strike to protect the constitution,’ he said when we spoke last week.
    • Luckily, I've anticipated and manage a pre-emptive strike while he's still taking in the last statement.
    • Evidence is accumulating that questions the value of pre-emptive interventions in other fields of medicine, such as breast cancer.
  • 2

    (right) preferente
    • If the senior executive wishes to leave the organisation in the future, it is usual for the remaining shareholders to have a pre-emptive right to reacquire the shares of the outgoing executive.
    • However, the report which recommended that the council waive its pre-emptive right on the land was only submitted to Mkani's standing committee on January 20, 1999.
    • They took the opportunity of their own settlement to obtain that pre-emptive right, and I have no problem with that - indeed, I congratulate them.
    • The auction of Odeon was sparked in June after one property investor failed to get other shareholders to accept his pre-emptive offer of 360 million pounds.
    • Nonetheless, revenues from pre-emptive purchases of Maori land were the mainstay of the Crown government's budget.
    • ‘He likes to make pre-emptive offers’ said one longtime agent used to doing business with Lacroix.
    • Companies incorporated under this legislation have the option of including pre-emptive rights in their articles if they so choose.
    • The Council has a pre-emptive right to purchase the building back at its sale price and value of improvements, should the Legislature wish to sell.
    • One partner already has pre-emptive rights to buy the company's stake.
    • The channel is owned equally by four companies and each has pre-emptive rights over the shares, which give them priority in the event of a sale.
    • Walt Disney, one of the four equal shareholders with pre-emptive rights alongside Carlton and Granada, may well pick up the holding.