Translation of preen in Spanish:


arreglar con el pico, v.

Pronunciation /prin//priːn/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (feathers) arreglar con el pico
    • Watch any bird for a while, and you will see that it spends a lot of time preening its feathers and bathing in water or dust.
    • When preening, birds nibble and stroke their feathers, returning them to correct position.
    • This louse is the only common parasite on satin bowerbirds, and it is found mainly around the head and eyes where birds cannot easily preen.
    • If these substances come into contact with bird feathers they are impossible for the bird to preen or wash out.
    • Birds use their beaks to keep their feathers in order; you know this action as preening.
    • They then spend several hours preening and drying their feathers.
    • With hundreds of new feathers regenerating, the bird must preen constantly.
    • The penguins ingest the oil as they preen their feathers, which changes the birds' immune systems, making them more vulnerable to disease.
    • The tall white birds preen, squawk, and soar majestically, like snowy B - 52s.
    • The edge of the ice had started to melt, creating a narrow stream where some of the birds were happily preening, flapping showers of droplets into the air.
    • Anatids spend copious amounts of time in the water and spend a great deal of time on preening and feather maintenance.

reflexive verb

  • 1

    (bird) arreglarse las plumas con el pico
    (person) acicalarse
    to preen oneself on sth/-ing vanagloriarse / pavonearse de algo/+ inf

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (bird) arreglarse las plumas con el pico
    (person) acicalarse
    • Not that I was the only one: I noticed how all the women preened themselves when he walked into the room, flirting with him and laughing outrageously at his jokes.
    • In Prof. Patterson's class, which is must have a women to men ration of 10: 1, all of the gum smacking coeds are preening themselves in the mirror.
    • Unable to summon up the courage to venture inside and make myself a cup of tea, I returned to the lounge where Amy was still preening herself.
    • They were the ones for which she would preen herself for every night for what seemed like bloody hours (hair, makeup, clothes).
    • He disappeared for a while and then I found him at the dressing table, preening himself before the mirror.
    • Humans are like animals: when they stop preening themselves, you've got to worry.
    • We're always expected to be preening ourselves, so it was a pretty nice opportunity not to have to think about that stuff for a while.
    • Television stars had been preening themselves for the red carpet at Claridges, where some of the hottest designers, make-up artists, jewellers and hair stylists had taken up residence.
    • That's why the contestants spend so much time preening themselves in front of a mirror.
    • They start cramming the barricades, the ladies start primping and preening themselves in their compact mirrors.