Translation of prefabricate in Spanish:


prefabricar, v.

Pronunciation /priˈfæbrəˌkeɪt//priːˈfabrɪkeɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

  • 2prefabricated past participle

    (unit/building/panel) prefabricado
    • This is because all those little pieces have been prefabricated together into larger tiles.
    • Some favour purchasing a mobile or prefabricated unit, while others want to build the church using local, volunteer labour.
    • Experts say tent camps and cheap prefabricated buildings will now be thrown up on dry land surrounding the city to help ease the pressure on the already cramped shelters.
    • Apart from building sites, the other locations for members were the many joinery shops which prefabricated doors and frames.
    • Just imagine 440 pupils and 18 teachers in a unit of total prefabricated buildings.
    • We had the works done and the planning permission for two temporary prefabricated accommodations.
    • Most of the buildings are prefabricated, with just the odd few embellished with shining steel and glass exteriors.
    • They were often built in large sections from prefabricated materials.
    • The road and cable-stay assemblies were prefabricated on opposite sides of the valley and slid out onto the piers.
    • It comes in two prefabricated units, made of modular plywood panels, which sit on a discreet wheeled chassis.
    • As far as they are concerned, it is merely a piece of land to be exploited for cheaply constructed, almost prefabricated units, with pokey living quarters.
    • The company have learned how to prefabricate the contents of their stores in such a way that they can operate in extremely small and odd shaped locations, if necessary.
    • The government had given them prefabricated buildings instead.
    • Every part of the grid is connected to the floor, which was prefabricated with connections.
    • The Red Cross expected to prefabricate some replacement homes and package them for air delivery, at a total cost of $100000.