Translation of prefer in Spanish:


preferir, v.

Pronunciation /prəˈfər//prɪˈfəː/

transitive verbpreferred, preferring

  • 1

    (like better)
    which do you prefer ¿cuál te gusta más?
    • to prefer sth to sth preferir algo a algo
    • I prefer cats to dogs me gustan más los gatos que los perros
    • I prefer reading to watching TV prefiero leer a ver televisión
    • I prefer John to Bob me gusta más John que Bob
    • to prefer to + inf preferir + inf
    • I prefer to live alone prefiero vivir sola
    • I'd prefer to stay at home preferiría quedarme en casa
    • to prefer sth/sb to + inf preferir que algo/algn + subj
    • I'd prefer it to rain now rather than during the game preferiría que lloviese ahora y no durante el partido
    • I won't go if you'd prefer me to stay si prefieres que me quede, no iré
    • to prefer that preferir que + subj
    • they prefer that it should not be discussed prefieren que no se toque el tema
    • I'd prefer it if you went now preferiría que te fueras ahora
    • If patients would prefer a hot breakfast selection they need only inform their ward hostess.
    • He confesses to another, personal reason for preferring the incumbent.
    • People have become lazy, preferring their favourite programmes to films.
    • If people would prefer it in a different format, just drop me a line.
    • I think people prefer a resident landlord as opposed to an absentee one.
    • Mimi had three cats and I'm certain she preferred them to most people.
    • Couples preferring a civil ceremony are increasingly choosing an approved location such as a hotel or stately home with a licence rather than a register office.
    • The company would prefer a single supplier who could provide it with chips and boards for the full range of computers.
    • When and if our country becomes a republic it will be in the form and with the structures preferred by the people.
    • The branches, however, proved to prefer approaches that were considerably more conventional.
    • I much prefer it when other people tell me that than the other way around.
    • So all the government is doing in this case is enforcing what you would prefer people choose to do on their own.
    • Many people simply prefer the star and will choose it over the other symbols.
    • It will ask people if they prefer this new system or the current one of an executive of councillors being in charge.
    • I've always preferred starters to a sweet, unless I fancy all three which isn't often.
  • 2

    (within church)
    to prefer sb to sth (appoint) nombrar a algn para algo